Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Prom Preview and A Question!

The tux arrived this afternoon and we did the pre-prom fitting. Nothing like adjustable pants and tie plus a teenager going, "Huh?" It all worked out and the fit isn't too bad. Now to get the young lady involved in these pictures!

Now on to my question ~~~ What are these 'berries' at the bottom center of this pattern??

They're orange/brown/white. I can't think of anything that looks like this connected to Christmas.

I'll tell the truth here ~ I told my husband my picture had testicles. I've commented to a few people via email that my pattern had testicles ~ one said she was impressed I was doing an anatomically correct bird. Not quiet. And, I almost called this post 'Things with Testicles' but the boy about had a heart attack.

And on another totally unrelated thought ~ there should be a new sport introduced this summer at the Olympics ~~ Fly Herding. What is fly herding? When you shoo a fly out the window and slam the window shut thus leaving the fly to die a slow death between the screen and window. Come on admit it - you do the same thing.

Off to find dinner for hump day. Thinking cheeseburgers and tater tots. The boy is in a foul mood and his favorite food from childhood is tater tots.

Hope today find you smiling!


jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Probably Walnuts but who knows! The Boy,,, he looks simply marvelous...and handsome too.
I love that Fly Herding idea,,,too funny.
The girls are in tonight for stitching so I best get that big ole table pulled out and dust off the chairs...
Be always in testies....woooooooops stitches

paula said...

Is a Kumkwat a small orane fruit? Yeah, I think itis . . . I used to call kind in my classes cute little kumkwats and they had no idea what I was talking about.

Natasha said...

Fly herding.. Yes I do it... I hate flies. They are vial insects.

The boy looks very handsome.

On to your WIP while it does look like a "pair" I am going to go with a Persimmon ?? They grow in the fall. We have them growing all aorund here on trees in my neighborhood. Maybe you can contact the designer and ask what those "balls" are LOL

Take care girl!!

Denise said...

Just came across your blog and am now a follower...I love your stitching and your blog! D

Angela Michaud-Mourer said...

Your son looks so handsome! We've been past proms for a while, so it's fun to see this picture. Can't wait to see the young lady in her finery.

And, thanks, now every time I see your lovely bird I'm going to think testicles.

Aside from thinking that I wondered peaches?

Autumn said...

Gooseberries? Okay...that's just a little funny.hehe

Veronica said...

LOL! Too funny, Denise. I can't think of what those berries are. Your description of fly herding sounds quite apt ^.^


Cath said...

Maybe they're meant to be chestnuts ?
Who knows . Ask the designer ! lol.
It's looking lovely , whatever they are .

Chris said...

You are so funny!!

Mouse said...

hahahahah been giggling all night about your questions and I think they may be rose hips as they seem to be the right size and colour ...;)
and the boy looks really good in his suit can't wait to see him with his lady too :)
love mouse xxxxx

Anonymous said...


Your stitching is looking great but I've got no idea what the fruits are!

Your boy looks very smart and I hope he enjoys his tater tots!

I can't do fly herding because we don't have a screen just one window so lucky for me and them I just herd them out of the window!

dulcinella said...

Your son looks very good in his tux. I wonder if the small things aren't just wmall oranges (clementines as we call them) It's the season for them:-)

Deb said...

Testicles? ROFLOL I can just see the look on your husband's face. From the looks of them they look like cherries, but what place would cherries have in your piece? Either way, I like it.

Linda said...

I don't know what they are, but what an absolutely gorgeous picture.


Ranae said...

A very handsome young man you have there
I would say peaches, but my eye goes to the bird and the white flowers

Teresa said...

Your son looks very handsome, can't wait to see what the girl's dress looks like.
Not sure what the berries are, I will leave it at that.
As for flies, my husband can shot one with a rubber band from across the room.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Catherine said... herding....been there, done that!
Your son looks handsome.
Still giggling about your berries!