Monday, April 30, 2012

No Update Today ~~

First and most important - I would like to say thank you for all of your kind comments regarding my Red Bird project. They help keep me motivated and stitching! Haven't been able to email replies to everyone's comments - have been extremely busy lately - and I apologize. But, thank you again for taking the time to cheer me on!

I hope to get a picture later today of what I did stitch this week. It wasn't enough to bother with an update. Was awake after sleeping 3 hours last night and got in a few stitches.

Why was I up between 1:30 - 4 am? Allergies! The temperature was great for sleeping but not for my poor nose. And it took long enough for my allergy meds to kick in.

Not sure how much I'll be around the blog for the next several days. We are in the home stretch this month for graduations and the party. This week alone there is a banquet and graduation for 3!

Our bathroom remodel is at the ucky drywall part. Everything has been removed from the room and is sitting in my stitching room. The only things remaining in the room is toilet paper and the things in the sink cabinet. I need to put a second coat of primer on the built in cabinet and start the trim. DH still has a bit of sanding to do on the walls.

But, he got a new job and is working 4 days a week. So, I get to prime and paint around what he can do after work everyday. At some point before the 19th - we will have a new sink and all the accessories installed. Hopefully!

Working around the boy's schedule too - he has exams today through Wednesday, works Thursday and Saturday, and graduates with his sister and aunt on Friday.

That leaves me with everything else. Which means I need to get up and start priming so it can dry while I go get groceries.

Hope to see you soon.


milly said...


I'm so sorry to hear of your allergies, what a nuisance they must be.
I enjoy watching your red bird growing bit by bit.
I hope you enjoy your busy week!

paula said...

WHEW! you are one busy bee this week. ENjoy the chaos . . it doesn't get any better than graduations :0}

CalamityJr said...

Don't forget to take time to breathe!

Tracey said...

Life is always so busy... there don't seem to be enough hours in the day! Hopefully you'll be able to fit in a bit of stitching between everything else :^)

dulcinella said...

enjoy this month! although you've got so many things to do, most of them are really fun. Hope everything with the remodeling will go smoothly and that you find a little time to stitch in between all these things may will bring.