Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dandelion Summer

"Only impossible journeys achieve the impossible."

The following is a quote from J Norman Alvord from Dandelion Summer.

"We do not live in this world at random, bodies drifting through empty space, forming and colliding by mere chance; nor are we the masters of our own destinies, as much as we may desire to be. Rather, we are like the dandelion seeds my brother cast into the summer sky, ferried along by He who guides the winds and stills the waters, our journeys a mystery to us, except in hindsight. Along the way, we find those we are meant to love and those who are meant to love us. We fashion our lives according to what we have known and what we have yet to learn. At times, each of us is the child in a burning house, escaping through tiny doors, dependent upon the grace of God and the kindness of strangers. 

Wherever our journeys may take us, whatever struggles they bring, one solid truth underlies all that is. Not a drop of water falls from heaven unintended. We are, each of us, meant to change the ocean and to be changed by it, to become new creations as we travel our paths, and answer our challenges, and live and relive our Camelots." - Lisa Wingate

Something I will be thinking about today and thought maybe someone else would like to be on my same wavelength. 



paula said...

"we find those we are meant to love and those who are meant to love us . . ."

This has beed on my mind hot and heavy the past several days.

It is so hard to understand that those are two different concepts . . . we love who we love and are loved by those who love us . . . and they are not always the same people.

Catherine said...

This is awesome food for thought! Thanks for sharing!