Monday, March 26, 2012

Quick Post While Waiting on Concrete

This will very possibly be a fly-by post. We are waiting for concrete to pour the footer for our new front steps. Mind you this has been a long time coming. We started this remodel July 29, 2000! But, better late than never. It will be one of the final steps towards the front porch being fini! The fans are the last piece. But, they are waiting for me to power wash first and with today's temps being in the 30's -- it's gonna be a little bit before that happens.

I keep hearing trucks and pause til I can see what's coming onto the bridge -- sorry. Oh, yeah, you wouldn't know that part would you?

Ok, onto why you stop by - the stitching! Made some progress this week. Wanted to get more dark green in this morning because it sets the white off better. But... once again it didn't happen.

Last Weeks Pic

Imagine my surprise yesterday when searching for some green and it turned out to be pink. Here I thought 777 was green - not EVEN close. There are flowers to the left of the bird that I had forgotten were there. Most of page one is done. And the 4th page (which is below page 1) is fast approaching finished status too.

Changing subjects quickly - you should be used to the whiplash by now - I wanted to thank all of you who congratulated me on the Liebster Award. Your kind comments made my day! So - thank you thank you thank you!

When the concrete is in and the steps are up (Thursday is delivery) I'll show you what real steps look like instead of used up worn out wooden ones!

Have a wonderful week and stay warm - those temps dropped 50 degrees in 3 days!


Mouse said...

ooo hope things are done by now :) and love that stitching :) love mouse xxxxx

Vicki said...

What a gorgeous project. I love the colors in it. Good job!

Tracey said...

I'm really loving following the progress on your gorgeous feathered friend(s)!! I also have this pattern in my STASH... not sure when I will get started on it though.

When finished, are you going to leave it up year round or just during the winter months?

paula said...

So funny . . . you got rid of your wooden ones for concrete and we did just the opposite.

I lve the look of the old wooden steps . . and, they can be made to rise for my steps . . so we went from 5 concrete steps to 6 wooden ones . . makes it SO MUCH easier to walk up my steps.

And, besides . . the concrete ones actually crumbled . . at least, 1 step did . . and they have only been in place for 30 years, +/- . . . LOLOL

paula said...

Oh . . . LOVE the cardinal . . . this is going to be SO LIFELIKE!

mdgtjulie said...

Lovely progress Denise, and grats on the award! I didn't consider you for mine cause I figured you had too many followers! Hope the concrete gets in and set and the steps are fabulous!!

Shari said...

your birds are looking great!!!!! So pretty!!
your outdoor renovations are moving right along!!!!
yeah, burr on the newer temps these few days....the furnace got turned back on this am...(tues)

Autumn said...

WHOOPIE! Glad you are getting your steps and that project underway. How exciting!

Lovely stitching as always.

Catherine said...

Love this project!

Anonymous said...


Your WIP is looking beautiful!

Happy stitching!