Monday, March 19, 2012

Another Monday Morning Update and A Question!

When last you left the Red Bird - she had some color. Now she has a lot more! 

Good Morning everyone! Yesterday was a wonderful stitching day. The temps were perfect, the sun was out, and there was a breeze. I spent my first day out on the porch enjoying the fine weather and stitching. If the Good Lord graces us with more days like yesterday - my whole summer will be on that porch.

last week

as of today
It's amazing to me how different something can look in a picture. I couldn't see the red coming together and now I see the 'real' beginnings of the flower. So wanted to get more of the berries at the bottom finished before today's picture - didn't make it. Oops.

Switching gears here - don't mind the whiplash. What is up with this?


I've seen this before but can't decide if the person is -
1) rushing sandal season and afraid their tootsies will get cold,
2) afraid to show their feet,
3) too lazy to pull on shoes and already has their socks on,
4) thinks this looks good.

Can anyone clear up my confusion? Is this something 'new' that I must adjust to - like those stupid low hanging jeans that are 10 sizes to large for the person? I mean really - how can you walk when the pants are belted across your arse and the crotch hangs at your knees? And does anyone WANT to look at his boxers (or worse tighty whities) And when sitting - doesn't the belt dig into that sensitive man-land area?

Sorry, stepping down from my podium. But, are the people wearing these fashions that clueless or am I?

Since I've caused you to no doubt wonder how my mind works - I'm off to do something with my hair. Got it cut and I can't do a thing to it. Too short for the style I was heading for, too curly to just let it go after washing, and too short for the straightening iron. Please hair - grow quickly.

Wishing you all a wonderful week and warm weather!


Deb said...

You're making great progress on your piece. And am cracking up over that sandal picture. I could never understand why people, especially men, wear socks with sandals. It's got to be the worse fashion look I've ever seen (next to those dumb low riding jeans). Like pull them up already!!

Angela Michaud-Mourer said...

Beautiful birds and great questions! Love how much stitching you can get done in a week, always amazing.

So that sandal and sock thing, I think originally it was a crunchy granola thing however people would wear crunchy granola outdoor socks with their Birkenstocks and it was kind of a funky look. The only reason I can see to wear white socks and sandals is if you have gross feet or toenail fungus. LOL.

The young peeps around here have stopped the insanity of pants below their bums. Hopefully it will end soon there too!

Have a great stitching day.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

The Red Bird is a beauty and just a fly'n. Now, about the pants,,,hmmm back where I used to work "goofs" that chose to pull their pants down around their arses had them yanked down to their ankles and tied. Tightly too, then they had to stay in their cell for the day. Most of them liked to get outside for an hour or two so they changed their minds about showing their whites to much. But some of the kids walking around just amaze me and the swivel they have to learn to keep the pants on. Most of them have their belts so tight around the third leg region so I guess that's why they swivel, so's not to cause to much long term damage. Awe what some people won't do for attention.
Have a great week Denice and Cheers to you case of OOTFPS.
Be always in stitches.

Lesleyanne said...

Great stitching and great questions. The answers to which I don't know lol.

Lee said...

LOVE the birdie! She's looking really good, Denise.

My dad always wore socks with his sandals. White nylon ones. Of course, he also always wore a white t-shirt, too. He said it made him feel cooler. As in temperature-wise, not hipness-wise. Maybe people with excessively sweaty feet feel better with socks on to absorb the sweat?

Pumpkin said...

Your birdie looks wonderful! You've made great progress :o)

Hmmm...I think that might be similar to the no shirt policy for large men that we have here ;o) LOL!

Linda said...

Great progress on Red Bird. I wear socks with sandals in the winter. I hate enclosed shoes.


paula said...

My curly hair option . . when I taught school and was permed . . . wash hair, spray with hairspray and let dry . . pick out from underneath when hair drys and leave curls on the top.

This made life so easy for me . . but hell on the beautician wh had to perm me . . lolol

Anonymous said...


Your red bird is lovely.

Socks with sandals? Absolutely not!!

And how do those jeans not fall down when they walk?

Happy stitching.

CalamityJr said...

What a regal bird! The male may have gotten the color, but she has a quiet beauty. Can't answer your questions; they're head scratchers for sure.

Catherine said...

It's so fun watching your progress on the cardinal piece ~ love cardinals! And I laughed out loud at your critique of the fashions ~ I so agree with you!

Veronica said...

Great progress on your WiP. LOL! Sorry, I can't answer your questions but they sure amused me. Have wondered about that a few times myself.


Shari said...

red bird looks much better than the pattern in the magazine.....keep up the great work...

Lynn said...

Wow, Red Bird looks amazing! It's really coming together now!

I must admit that I've starting wearing my Birkenstocks with my socks but only indoors. I'm flatfooted and have heel spurs and my Birks are the only thing I can wear comfortably. I wouldn't be caught dead with the socks on outdoors though, lol!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

When you find the attraction of the low riding pants, let me know, I have been scratching my head on that one for years.

Debbie said...


Mouse said...

ohhh I am with you on the pants issue ... I want to grab them and pull them up soooo hard ... and shout that is not a nice view from here hehehehe off soap box now heheheh
love mouse xxxxx