Monday, February 20, 2012

Wish I Were Going to Cleveland Today!

There is a great stitching shop beside a bakery and the bakery is making paczkis today! I had my first about 2 years ago and it was heavenly. I've not made it back to have another - and this makes me sad. My hips on the other hand are cheering.

My mouth is watering at the very thought of the soft dough and chocolate filling. Rob's had a raspberry filling that he thought was okey dokey too! lol I can see me whining about going later today.

Time to get off the food train because I haven't had breakfast yet and getting all slobbery before breakfast is not the thing to do!

Switching gears - stitching! I have managed to finish all the stripes on One Nation and have gotten 27 states done. If I may offer anyone some advice on doing this pattern - go for a darker fabric that what is called for. When you lay the floss on this fabric you think, "Oh, the white really shows up!" No - it doesn't. I still think this looks washed out!

I have no idea why blogger turned this picture. And when I rotate it on my desktop - it rotates this image upside down. Go figure.

I'm trying to finish the entire left side and finish up the lower right quadrant last. As you can see - I'm loving the red and dragging my heels with the white.

Headed to the big box store yesterday to get paint and stuff. At the last moment - we changed our minds and got nothing but spackle. It's a start I guess.

Still thinking about those pastries. And now dinner - going to bake some skinless chicken with rosemary tonight. Shred it and add it to celery, carrots, a shallot, small onion, and homemade baked dumplings with lots of broth. Saw this on Diners, Dives, and Drive-Ins the other day - looks yummy too!

Hope this week finds you making dreams come true!


Teresa said...

Well now you have me dreaming of those pastries. Shouldn't read blogs on a empty stomach.
Love your flag, coming along nicely.
Chicken sounds delicious.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Autumn said...

I totally love this! Great progress!

LoriU said...

Crafty Ewe, huh? That is my LNS!

Linda said...

One Nation is looking great Denise.
Just go get the pastry so you stop thinking about it. lol


paula said...

Powdered sugar covered Paczki's and glazed Black Raspberry ones are sitting in the kitchen waiting on us. They are a perk of living in a Polish area. When we were in INdiana, one of our super markets was based in South Bend . . BIG p=Polish community there . . and they had them. So I started eating them there and kept right on with it here.

Deb said...

Your piece is really coming along and looks wonderful!!

Puczki's aren't a big deal in our house any longer - my husband is Polish and hates them, so I don't buy them. Doesn't mean I don't sneak one on the sly though! LOL

Shari said...

so, did you go get your treats?!?! They sound really good...
and so does your supper. I am not in the mood to cook today!
Your stitching looks great!!!! Words go so fast...I love stitching words!

CalamityJr said...

Oh, you've done it now! I'm really hungry!

rosek1870 said...

Love that pattern. I went looking for it but no one seemed to have it. I am sure it will be beautiful when you finish :)

Lee said...

Who wouldn't love a trip to Crafty Ewe? We should meet there someday! Then go to the bakery...of course. I love their biscotti.

Catherine said...

Your piece is coming along! I know what you mean about the white! It looks great though on the picture! Okay, I have to be honest, dinner sounds good, but bakery? YUMMY!

Carol said...

Never hear of a paczki, Denise! But, you make them sound very tempting :)

Great progress and thanks for the tip on the darker fabric... Am still considering stitching this one myself!

Veronica said...

Paczkis sounds delicious! I'd love to try some. One Nation looks great. It's progressing beautifully. I'll keep that in mind regarding the darker fabric as this design is on my wish list. Thanks!


Pumpkin said...

GG! You just HAD to post a link to those didn't you? OMG...they look sooooo good! Not a good thing for a hungry pregnant woman....

One Nation looks fabulous to me! You're really coming along nicely. Don't give up ;o)