Saturday, December 17, 2011

Guess What This Is...

And pretty Oak tree isn't the answer. lol Have you seen the commercial that shows people and their first sunrise after retiring? Well, this is mine. A rather cloudy day but this is Ohio in December. After somewhere around 8973 days (24+ years) of being an UPS employee - I am no longer. I quit. It started out as a retirement but I'm not old, I quit.

No idea of what I'm going to do. When I'll go back to work or if I will. Not sure how we'll make it without my paycheck. But, when your heart tells you it's time, it's time.

Losing a loved one especially one close to you is an emotional earthquake and you are never the same person you were before their death. And when Dad died in January, things started to change for me. I finally realized the saying "it can happen so quick" is true. You have to live your life as if today is your last day. Do those things that you've always wanted, tell people how you feel about them, and be happy with who you are.

Retiring from UPS is another step towards being where I want to be in my life. Cross your fingers for me and maybe send a prayer for my family. We may need them. Because for the first time in my life I didn't do what everyone expected me to. I wasn't 'Little Miss People Pleaser' and I did what I wanted.

Ok - this is really way more than anyone wants to know about me. But, maybe someday, I'll print this blog and I want it in here. How I felt on the first morning in my adult life not being an employee.

Switching gears -- I have been stitching on something. Not Red Birds though. Not sure what happened to my mojo on that one. I just moved on to this.

Colorful Sky
by Mystic Stitch
14 ct white aida
DMC flosses
Nearing completion of page three. There are 18 pages and  81,200 full cross stitches in this one. It's one of my BAP that I hope to get done in 2012. Just checked and it is my largest Mystic Stitch I've attempted - Before Sunrise has 50,000,  Winter Still has 62,000, and Grace has 45,600 full cross stitches!

Tonight is The Nutcracker! I've never been to see ballet and have no idea of the story line. Shh, I haven't ever seen Wizard of Oz either. And I've never eaten at a Taco Bell.

Tomorrow is Olgebay...busy weekend. The whole crew on a bus. Ha, I can see some wicked funny stories coming from this trip!

See you Monday - take care and enjoy your weekend!


CalamityJr said...

Hmmm... perhaps the Colorful Sky called to you because the Ohio sunrise is so dreary? The stitched piece will be a beautiful reminder of the first morning in your adult life not being an employee!

Enjoy your very active weekend. I look forward to reading your impressions on all that you've done. Have fun!

Lesleyanne said...

Congratulations on your retirement. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do for you. Great stitching.

Catherine said...

Good for you Denise!! I am beginning to believe that the 40's for me have been just like you said - I'm not "people pleasing" anymore (well, maybe sometimes, it's a hard habit to break) - but, I have become more outspoken about things and have taken more control over things I want to do.
I have faith that things will work for you and you will be much happier!
Your Colorful Sky is amazing! That looks like a lot of stitches!!
Enjoy your weekend - sounds like you have a lot of fun planned!

Vicki said...

Good for you, girl! Doesn't it feel great to follow your heart once in a while. I know that you will figure out what you're supposed to do with your time next. I also know that God knows your family's needs and He will be alongside you as you provide those needs. Congratulations!

Nancy said...

Congratulations on early retirement and doing what you want! Sometimes we just have to do what feels right for us! Have faith and it all will work out! That's a beautiful WIP, looking forward to seeing more progress!

Mouse said...

ohhh good for you :)... if you were unhappy that is the best decision to make .. and you will survive ... we have ... and love your colourful sky tooo :)love mouse xxxx

paula said...

My guess, before I even read the blog, is that it is a bare Christmas Tree for the animals :0|}

paula said...

LOVE the commercial and mad that it wasn't on before I retired so I would have thought to take photos of my 1st retired day.

When Mom retired, she told me it was SO MUCH cheaper to live . . I thought she was NUTZ.

Well, she wasn't. It is AMAZING how much you save when you aren't going to work every day. Even though I boght very few clothes, I have bought even less now that I am retired. A couple pair of jeans, sweatpants, t-shirts/thermal shirts and 2 hoodies in the winter.

Summer . . t's and shorts . . if people don't like me the way I look, tough toenails.

Oh, I have one "formal: dress . . wear it to weddings and funerals . . . or anything that needs "hose" and adult shoes.

Enjoy your self impossed retirement . . . as I told teachers when I retired, "You know how they say the grass is always greener? Well, IT IS!"

Colleen said...

I envy you & Congratulate you for a heartfelt decision! As I've been reading your blog for awhile now, I know that whatever new endeavor you pursue, you will land on your feet! There comes a time in one's life, when the important things are you, your health, well being, significant other and family. Bless you. Merry Christmas

Lynn said...

I took early retirement because I had just reached my limit. A person can only take so much. I walked out in May and haven't looked back since. Things are a little tight but you do what you have to do. Good luck to you.

Pumpkin said...

Good for you! I believe we all have to take care of ourselves first because no one else is going to do that for us and we need to be in good shape in order to help others :o) I hope it all works out financially. I'm sure you can always find things to keep you busy ;o) LOL!

WOW! Another BAP...good luck!