Thursday, December 8, 2011

Caffeine Regrets!

To say I'm touchy about caffeine is an understatement. I had one can of Mt Dew last night at 7pm - I was still awake at 5am this morning. I went to bed at midnight and turned off the light at 1. Eyes open and mind spinning for 4 hours. The sun woke me at 8:45 -- this is going to be a LONG day.

Got plenty accomplished before going to bed though. My house looks gooood. lol Just a few things on the to-do list for today. Wonder if I should address those Christmas cards today - my handwriting may be wobbly.

Well that Dickens thing was not what I thought. If I had been a literary scholar, teacher, librarian or library staff, or student - it would have been more to my liking. He handed out 2 pages of terms and proceeded to define each. I thought it would be a reading of 'A Christmas Carol' and then the terms would be explained. By the halfway point of the first page - I started yawning.

I'm off to find breakfast - and then the shower - maybe that will wake me up. Must move or I will be velcroed to the sofa for the day.


Parsley said...

I can't drink anything with caffeine after 5 PM or I won't sleep well.

paula said...

Channeling Frank Sinatra,
"Regrets, I've had a few, but then again, too few to mention . . . "

Cards done and mailed . . unless I don't have the address and then I shall address them when they get here.

Everything, except two bags of CHex Mix and fudge, has been mailed out to Indiana and Tennessee.
FOund out yesterday I was one dog stocking short . . so will make it today.COusins get their food when I find a box the right size.

We are on the look-out for some Lake Effect Snow starting tomorrow morning, so the husband and I will make a Joanne's stop when we go to the grocery today so I have what I need to finish the last stocking.

Now, time to go wash the face and brish the teeth and get dressed for today's shopping run.

Emily & Scott said...

Might want to have another Mt.Dew earlier in the day to keep you going!!

sorry you didn't sleep good!!

LoriU said...

Oh I am the same way!! One can of pop and I am up cleaning the house ALL NIGHT LONG! DH thinks it is funny!

Shari said...

no way in the world!!!!!!! I don't sleep as it is!!!
Congrats on getting so much done!!

Pumpkin said...

Sigh! I miss Coke...

At least I got my Christmas cards out in the mail and I feel much better. Good luck with yours :o)