Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Chi of Shaolin

This is what I saw last night! 

And here's a video link -

Logan works as stage crew for the Performing Arts Center. He watched them practice Friday night and said of the entire set of actors only 3 spoke English. He said it was interesting trying to get the carts in the proper place when communication was bare minimum. The kid worked all day Friday and Saturday with the sets and working on the lighting.

If I caught the entire story line - it was about the redemption of a thief. The main character stole an item from a home and was hurt. He was then taken on a long journey to someone who could heal him. At that point the the thief met honorable men who trained him in their beliefs. The thief attained an honorable position and was given a sword that he promptly had stolen from him. He then went on a quest to get it back. After acquiring the sword again he returned to the home he had stolen from and returned the item.

What I found amazing about this entire production - not a word was spoken. Oh, there were sounds -drums beating, sticks being slapped in the floors, and music. But the women bent themselves in ways that would cause me to go to a chiropractor for months/years. The human body doesn't normally move like that! Wow!

The physical strength in the actors - beyond belief. After the show I went out and had them sign my program. After performing for 90 minutes none for them were sweating or even breathing heavy. Shoot - I'd STILL be laying on the floor sweating profusely and gasping for breath.

It was an amazing performance and I'm very thankful my sister asked me to go. Thank you Keri!

I mentioned a craft show I planned to go to. DH had to work over and it caused a time change in his schedule. Which, of course, caused a time change in mine. I didn't get to go.

I have a poll on my sidebar - and I see there are some early shoppers like me. Once, many years ago, I had my shopping finished by Nov 14th. Ha, not going to make it this year! Not even close. I'm still researching my lists. That's where I'm headed next.

Nothing to report on the stitching front - between DH, the ball game, and the acrobats - I never saw a needle.  Thank you all for your wonderful comments about my start. Had to laugh - I may have to call the red birds - red blue jays. Too funny!

I'm off to play Santa! Oh, and plan this huge meal in 18 days. Where did 2011 go? I swear we just had New Year's.

Here's to you having a wonderful day and plenty of stitching time!


Natasha said...

That sounds like alot of fun. EEKK, I cant believe Thanksgiving is just 18 days away!! I am NOT cooking this year, as it is just DH and I, so that I am Thanfull about LOL

All of our family lives back in Ohio, so alot of things are pourchased online and shipped right to them. And everyyear I say the same thing. I am going to stitch an ornament for each person for Christmas, but I never do it LOL

Have a great day today!!

paula said...

Each year, at our county fair, which is more like a State fair in Indiana, there is a group from CHina that performs. You are right, they bend their bodies in ways I thought were impossible . . .makes me hiurt every time I see them, but I do enjoy watching their artistry.

paula said...

Oh, b y the way, I voted DECEMBER for shopping . . I start Dec 26th for the next year. I pick up items all year that I think would work for people . . . always told the nieces and nephews to check all boxes in my house, when I die, .. . I migt have their presents there.

Pumpkin said...

That must have been an amazing show! I love seeing things like that :o)

CalamityJr said...

What an amazing performance! Don't fret about not going to the craft show - you probably saved money by not buying anything AND by not seeing any new creative ideas! Hope you found some stitching time today.

Catherine said...

That show sounds amazing!!

Moder said...

I love your "When do you shop for Christmas" poll. I start shopping when the after Christmas sales start the day after Christmas! I get 80% of my gifts the year in advance when they are on sale, put them in a rubbermaid container for safe keeping, and finish the remainder in November - before Thanksgiving - so I don't have to go out in the cold and snow! That way, I get things extremely on sale, can buy more for my money, and enjoy the holiday season relaxing instead of shopping!!