Monday, October 31, 2011

Remember the Old Sears Catalog?

Bear with me - back in the '70s there was nothing better than Grandma getting the new Sears catalog! I would spend hours looking through the toys - ignore the clothes - and turning down page corners. JC Penney's catalog just wouldn't do.

Would you like to see the newest version of that catalog?

Those papers on the table - the kid's wish lists from Amazon. Since I just printed the whole list they are going through marking their number one thing and highlighting the major wants. Same principle different medium!

Keri came over to go through the Halloween costumes for the kids. Garin is a pumpkin again this year and Alivia got the skunk!

The kids were over the other day and I had to take a few pictures. Garin took his nap and I found if you point the camera at Alivia she curls her nose. So, I try taking a picture - after the camera goes off - she wrinkles the nose. Got a partial curl -

She's this close to walking. By Christmas she'll be into everything. Not that she's not now - but look out tree! Mom better brace the bottom with cement blocks!

Started my shopping recently. How is everyone else doing? Do you shop Black Friday? Start in December. Oh, this is going to be a poll!

It's Halloween - enjoy those tricker treaters!


Charity C. said...

Cute pics!

Shari said...

oh how I remember the Christmas catalogs coming in the mail & pouring over them for weeks on end!!!
Is Keri your sister? I think I see a resemblence...(sp)
the kids are adorable!

Pumpkin said...

LOVE the pictures of the kiddies :o)

Mouse said...

mmmmm used to love looking through catalogues for stuff .. now we get I want this and then two weeks or less before the day we get ooo I want this ... money is soooo much easier .. cute piccies of the wee ones too :) love mouse xxxx

mdgtjulie said...

I voted, lol. I usually hit the black Friday sales, and I'm hoping to this year too. The kids are adorable (well, the little ones). The big ones, IDK, those lists look awful long.

Terry said...

I remember those catalogs too! The one thing that could keep us quiet for about 30 minutes was when Gram got them and let us look through them. lol

I still have to block off the tree because Logan likes to pretend the glass bulbs are balls and will throw them on the tile floor. lol I have a fence/gate that I bought at Wal-mart that I use to cordon off the tree then I put a bin of toys or something to make it harder for him to reach over. lol