Monday, October 3, 2011

Northwind SAL Week 7...

I'm still having a hard time wrapping my brain around that 7 week part. Time to move on I guess! 


Got my stitches out last Friday. Now the rehab. Today I started squeezing a ball. Kinda a it's a cat toy. Let's back up - I needed one of those sand filled balloon things. I thought, eh, maybe a rolled up sock. DH finds a cat toy on our buffet (not sure why it was in the buffet but I removed it) and he hands it to me. Perfect size, right thickness, soft, and squeezable. Cat toy squeezing commenced. At least there is no squeaker in it! 


Moving on to Northwind. 

Here's Angela's progress - as she nears the end of lettering - she has set her sights on finishing those snowflakes before hitting the barn! 

Shari got her barn done! She's heading to the fields. 

And I got to treat stitching as therapy and I cooked this week. But, I did not get all my goals of last week completed - didn't finish the barn doors and those snowflakes. 

This week's goals - finish the fence, grass, and either the bird or snowflakes. Saving the snow on the fence and barn door til last.

***Edited to add - Rose didn't get to stitch at all this week and has a bunch of family related things coming up in the next month. So, she's taking some time off to deal with life beyond stitching. ***

Well, I'm off to make dinner and then DWTS! Looking forward to tonight's episode. And speaking of the tv - has anyone else gotten hooked on Property Brothers? HGTV has been doing a marathon of this show and I like it! lol

I'm off - Denise


CalamityJr said...

How funny - I'm watching Property Brothers while I read mail and blogs! Don't worry about last week's goal; healing is your top priority right now. Keep squeezing your kitty ball!

Lana said...

Good luck on your continued recovery!! And your SAL pieces all are lovely!! Good luck on reaching those goals this week!

Jane said...

Oh I feel for you Denise, it must be very frustrating BUT the slower you take the recovery the better it will work, it's just so hard being patient and being THE patient!
Nice work on Northwind but please save the snow until last ~ we don't want that too early this year.
Take Care xxx

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

how bout laying off the snow flakes for a bit longer girl! Glad to see the stitches are out and now the itching comes in... just sit back with those Property Brothers and watch them fix Grandma's house. lol
Have a great day Denise
Be always in stitches
(cross stitches that is)

Charity C. said...

All of your stitching is coming along great! It makes me want to do that one! LOL! What happened to Rose??

Teresa said...

Everyone's stitching is looking wonderful. Keep on playing with those cat toys so you can get back to normal.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Pumpkin said...

I'd say your hand isn't keeping you from stitching now! Great progress :o)