Monday, September 12, 2011

Viewer Questions

It's Monday and things are moving a bit slow. Will post Northwind SAL progress a bit later. So I thought I would answer some questions you've asked. And since I am notorious for not responding to those questions you leave in the comments - I thought today would make a great time to do so.

First - I won a give away a few weeks ago and recently got my goodies! Susan at Afford Your Passions was so very kind as to share a wonderful magazine

Oh - to have a house on the beach...someday!

Paula asked about the big cookie. Yes, it was the size of a pizza pan and it was chocolate chip. And by now - mostly gone. Yummy!

The MRI results will be revealed Thursday morning. I'll let you know how that goes. ha...

The surgery for carpal tunnel is on my left hand --- many asked if I am left handed. In a word - YES! This should be interesting. I told myself I would practice being right handed. I'm a week away from surgery and have not yet even tried to do anything right handed!

I appreciate the many hugs you've all sent my way! Not nervous yet...too much to do! Now, Sunday night -- there will be no sleeping!

Oh, Jayne, don't watch that mailbox too closely - it might explode! Tractor boy might get frisky! I'll let you know if I need your help. Knowing I can count on you makes my day!

Ok, boys and girls, time to check the old inbox and see if any pictures arrived!


CalamityJr said...

Hmmm... some of those replies are mighty interesting. What were the comments?!?!? Never mind; I don't want to feel my cheeks turn red. Did I know you're a lefty? I am, too!

Mouse said...

oooo dear ... being a lefty and having surgery on it could be very interesting ... good luck with it all anyways :) and chilllllll what doesn't get done can be done at a later date :) love mouse xxxx

Catherine said...

Congrats on your win! It is always nice to dream and hope for a beach house isn't it?

Sending good vibes for Thursday. I'm a lefty too - but only for eating and writing.


Pumpkin said...

Tomorrow is a big day for both of us ;o) Good luck. I'll be thinking of you! ((((HUGS))))