Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bad Game Last Night and Random Things

And we had our tushes handed to us by the Canes! Somebody should have told the boys - "Men, we can not win a football game only hitting field goals. We need to catch some of these passes!" I gave up in the 3rd quarter - I knew how it was going to end. Some fan I am! lol

What to talk, stitching. What has happened this week? Got the barn mostly finished on Northwind and putzed around with a LHN ornament.

Family...had Courtney's cake and ice cream yesterday. My sister and the kids were coughing and hacking - so they were kind enough to not come over. What we all need more coughing and hacking. Hmm, promised her some cake -- haven't done that and Courtney was supposed to take the rest to her house and she forgot. Eat the left overs or pass them on? Something to ponder today.

Work...don't work for several more weeks and am loving it! For the first time in ages I can say with complete honesty - I LOVE MY JOB! No sarcasm at all. (hehehe)

Home...Rob is off that crazy schedule and is back to being at home for a few more days. Logan is digging a ditch for a groundhog. Oh yeah, I've got to tell you about this story!

I live across the street from my parent's house. My kids and now my sister's kids all use the same bus stop we did. How very random and strange (small towns kill me). Anyway, Logan doesn't ride the school bus anymore. The driver, Tom, asked my sister what Logan was doing. When she said not much Tom asked her to have Logan call him. (real small town). Let me explain something else - Tom was MY bus driver from 1980 or so on. Sorry, off track again, so Logan called Tom. Tom needed a ditch dug around his shed. Seems the groundhogs are getting into the shed and around his motorcycle. So, he enlists Logan to dig the ditch which will then have metal and wood (not sure of the exact plans here) placed in the ditch to discourage the groundhogs from digging into the shed.

Now, I was thinking live traps, shotgun, poison or putting down concrete flooring. But a ditch? Seems Tom tried the live traps and there are several more groundhogs hanging around. You can't shoot anything in corporation limits. And the poison...don't think he tried that. Apparently, the digging of the ditch is cheaper than concrete. Needless to say, this has been an interesting week on the Logan front.

Today is GROCERY DAY. One piece of advice I've heard "never go into a grocery store hungry - you buy more." Well, let me expand on that - never make out the grocery list when hungry either. Yesterday morning before breakfast I decided to do the dreaded grocery list. Meal plans for next week - pork chops, spaghetti and meatballs, tacos, beef and noodles, italian baked chicken, red pepper chicken, ham loaf, and homemade pizza! Count that - 8 meals and 7 days!

And I want to pre-cook as much as possible today. You know - make the taco meat, make the spaghetti sauce, do the roast, grind the ham, cook the meats for the pizza. That way next week - pull it out of the fridge half made - toss in some other stuff and voila a meal!

Should I post again tonight and let you know how much I actually do? Because not only do I want to do this - I have laundry, house cleaning, and dishes on my plate too!

And why can I do all this when my back is killing me?? Because the doctor told me "You do not have enough arthritis, spinal degeneration, or any pinched spinal nerves to make you hurt the way so say you do. It must be a chemical thing causing the pain" In other words - my back pain is ALL in my head!!! Can you say a bunch of bad words with me?

But, tomorrow at 8:30am I will be at the hospital getting ready for the carpal tunnel surgery. Could you all say a little prayer asking for a quick surgery, steady hands (mine and the doc's), and little pain?? Hence all the cooking today!

Alright the men in my life have FINALLY risen and are looking at me funny. Like they think I might make them breakfast - everybody laugh with me hahahahahha!


Siobhán said...

Good luck to you with the carpal tunnel surgery! Hope you heal quickly.

Maggee said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!! As a matter of fact, my husband either goes out when he wants breakfast or as of late, HE makes it! I have two belgian waffles in the kitchen calling my name! Doctors are unbelievable! Hopefully the ones doing the surgery are not of the same vintage and do a wonderful job!

Mouse said...

ooo good luck with the surgery .. and yes you can have more pain than shows on xrays etc ... don't let him fob you off speakin from experience here mouse xxxx

paula said...

Kitchen, back pain and dishes . . . things I know about.

We have had a dishwasher for quite a while now, but we still seem to end up with dishes in the sink. It always seems that I can leave them there until I cook, then I do the dishes while I have something going on the stove. So, when the cooking ends, the old dishes are clean and put away with the now dirty dishes from cooking ready to take their place. Oh well, at least I know I did clean some dishes.

Then, the back pain . . seems like as long as I stand at th sink doing dishes or prepping, my back will start screaming. So, I put one of our dining room chairs by the sink. I feel SO LAZY sitting down when I prep food, but it is amazing how much better my back feels then. One of these days I will get a bar stool so I can do dishes AND prep from a sitting position.

And, yes . . post again tonight on what you did accomplish. I shall live vicariously through you because my plate is empty for today.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

wow, all that in one entry... you will be fine tomorrow and back at your stitching in no time!!! coz I said so that's why, lol.
and as far as any doctor telling you you can't be in that much pain, well, I think my knee reflex would have sprung into action just to see how much pain he could not be in at one given time.........
Thinking of you in the am and the rest of the time too.
Be always in stitches

Nancy said...

Good luck with the surgery tomorrow and wishing for quick healing! How can the doctor tell you your back doesn't hurt like you say, he can't feel your pain!! You might want to get another doctor's opinion on that....

Teresa said...

Many prayer are coming your way for the surgery. Glad you are enjoying your time off.
Did you get all that cooking done.
Teresa's Heartfelt stitches

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Nancy! Pain is subjectable and there by anyone in the medical field is to treat pain as rated by the patient without passing judgement. (At least that is what they have been teaching me! lol) Eat up that cake - it's not on my diet plan and you need happy food!! :) I was actually thinking of making cookies later if I can find my kitchen also! (Those aren't on my diet plan either, but Andrew's working in Youngstown this week so he will be home in the evenings!) Good luck tomorrow - Call me and let me know how it went!
((hugs)) Keri

Pumpkin said...

As I told you in my email, I think you should get a second opinion...

Good luck with your surgery. It will go fine and it gives you more time to relax :o)

Tolentreasures said...

Hope that all has went well with your surgery and that you mend really fast. Thank goodness for those meals though! If only I would do that!