Saturday, September 10, 2011

3:08 left in the game

and Toledo just took the ball away from Ohio State. It's been a see-saw today and tough game for OSU. Although, I must admit to cheering for Toledo a couple of times.

Had my MRI this morning. It was cancelled for Wednesday - rescheduled for Friday - cancelled for Friday and scheduled for this morning. Finally- the machine is working. Did have a small scare - the MRI thing (about half way thru) started making a weird honking noise. I thought for sure I would be stuck in this tube like a sausage in casing for the rest of my life.

Super busy next week - PT three times, taking DD to her dental appointment, and my back surgeon appointment. Not one day off. Sigh - soon some of it will stop!

Nothing much else happening here at home - DS took his ACT this morning and is having friends over tonight.   Pizza, chips, soda, and a big cookie. Should be enough for 3 boys. Sorry - young men. (hiding behind my hand laughing at that thought - still boys to me). Logan just came upstairs and told me he rearranged an old toy above the heat duct to look down on them - really?

Stitching has been hit or miss - mostly just Northwind. Made some good progress there but elsewhere...

Toledo is almost in the red zone and called a timeout. Time to watch the remaining 65 seconds.


CalamityJr said...

Well, we won, but I certainly don't know why! Glad you're home. Have fun with he boys - oops, young men - tonight!

Kaisievic said...

Hope that your MRI results are good.
Enjoy the sleepover tonight.

K xoxox

paula said...

Was the Bg Cookie the size of a pizza pan? I can remember making those out of Chocolate Chip refrigerated dough in college.

Train trip got "derailed" thanks to a flooded transformer(from the Susquehana River) in the Bignhampton area . . train got canceled . . . that has so sucked!

Still thinking about a giant chocolate chip cookie . . mmight have to make a few today :0}

paula said...

Yummo . . . giant Chocolate Chip cookie . . . did my 1st post make it through . . I looked at the screen and it was gone . . don't know if I hit send or not.

Oh, well . . . you have put cookies on my mind now . .. . thanks! LOLOL

Pumpkin said...

Wishing you good luck on your MRI results!

mdgtjulie said...

Pizza and cookie sounds good to me, Denise. Hope you enjoyed the football game. I watched three of them on sunday, lol. After being without for so long, I just couldn't bring myself to quit!! Good luck with your MRI results, and I hope you manage to make all your appointments next week as well as getting some stitching time in. We shall see.