Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rose Garden...

I thought I would show a picture of my progress as of last night. The boy went out and I stayed up until he arrived home safely. I know - I'm old fashioned! lol But, this did mean 3+ hours of stitching.

As you can see - I changed the year from 1942 to 2011. I'm weird that way. I like my things to show the year I stitched them. The cranberry I'm using has tons of variegation and I'm loving it.

Would you like to see the RAK that made it to its new home?

When I took this picture I forgot to show the fabric on the back. When I finish mine - they will be backed by the same fabric. The trim though is from the stash of antique stuff I got a couple of weeks ago. This one was stitched using Antique Rose by GAST. btw - it went to Rose K (no blog). Notice her initials are RAK. Just too cool!

If you would like to be added to the RAK Victim List - send me an email. My email is listed on my profile.

Ok - hate me now - I went school shopping today. Got the boy a jacket, at least 5 shirts, and 4 pair of pants. All for (ready for this) $107! Yippee!

Well, we are under another tornado warning this evening and I need to go check the radar.
Talk soon - Denise


Paula said...

Cute RAK for RAK :0}

Smart move doing school shopping

Mouse said...

ohhh that is lovely and I love the other one to rose with her initials so apt .. I used to stay up too.. hope you didn't get hit by the tornado ... take care and happy stitching love mouse xxxx

Marlene said...

Hope you stayed safe, all snug together at home, I always think of Wizzard of Oz, so if you get there have fun and don't lose your red shoes!!

staci said...

That is a lovely RAK, I'm sure the recipient was thrilled!

Congrats on the awesome school clothes shopping. Stay safe!

rosek1870 said...

Love my beautiful pillow! You are so very kind Denise. I hope the storms are gone and no tornadoes. Looks like PA may see some of your storms today.

Catherine said...

Very pretty RAK piece - love that her initials were RAK!!

mdgtjulie said...

I hope you didn't get tornadoes Denise!! It's been a terrible tornado season so far! And hurricane season is coming up soon... I've said a prayer for victims of either! Your roses are lovely, and I love both colors (the cranberry and the rose). They are gorgeous!

Pumpkin said...

Lovely progress Denise :o) I agree with you, that color is just rich.

Beautiful RAK! Who received it though? Nosy me ;o)

Stay safe.