Saturday, June 11, 2011

Just A Quick Reminder...

In case anyone would still like the chance to enter my giveaway - please click here and leave a comment.

Working like mad to finish Rose Garden. Haven't picked up Dandy Dreams since Thursday afternoon. Shh - don't tell Mary Jane! She's going to be leaps and bounds ahead of me.

Gotta finish this, the bills and balancing the checkbook, and walk! THEN - I can stitch!

Must say I loved Julie's comment about my walking - "if you need to exercise to be healthy, then you should! Just look at it this way. You'll make up the stitching time you lost because you'll live longer!!" I will be chanting this as I near 6000 steps!

Thanks for stopping by and please keep those comments coming. I need all the pep I can get! ;0) Have a great weekend - keep stitching!


Paula said...

Now you ar emaking me feel bad for having only walked once ths week . . guess, since it is cooler, Indy and I will have tpo take one.

And, besides, I made her a second harness that works better . . she liked the 1st one, didn't pull at all, but was too big.

Nancy said...

That was a good comment by Julie! She is oh so wise! Happy walking and stitching!

country stitcher said...

Hey Denise, I do the same thing, make my list of things to get done and then I can sit and stitch or play on the computer.
I love Julies comment it is so true!!!
Hope you are enjoying your weekend!
Happy Stitching


Blu Stitcher said...

I would love to be entered. GL E1

mdgtjulie said...

Glad I could help you out, lol. (I usually find myself amusing, and I try to share when I do!!) Keep up the good work! I used to run, before I tore up my knee. Now I have a hard time walking a block or two. So more power to you, is all I have to say!!