Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Findings and a Dandy Dreams Update

Today was the grand opening for our local Jo-Ann's. They moved across town and today was the DAY. The store had that new car smell. Wide open aisles, new products, and lots of new items. I walked through the silk flowers, foam children's toys, and the cake decorating - not the least bit interested BUT I know where to go if I ever need them. The cross stitch aisle has become TWO (yes, TWO) aisles! Much bigger selection of cloth, mostly Aida, but there was linen. All DMC flosses were available. But, there didn't seem to be many patterns or kits. I tried to remember what floss I needed for Birds of a Feather - I got 3011 and 3013. I needed 3031! So close... Now I need to go there again - hmm, what would Freud call that?

I got fabric. Seems you would like to see Cherries and Watermelon as pillows. Well, I had to get fabric that 'matched'.

This was a bright white fabric and I immediately
stuck it in some coffee to tone it down.

It was a watermelon print and I fell in love.
Nuff said.
Mary Jane has asked that I not show my Dandy Dreams until she is done too. She hasn't had much butt time in her stitching chair this week. But, she has made progress! She would like to call Dandy a completion this weekend.

Couldn't find any dandelion fabric.
These are the choices I got. Leaning towards the dark one in back. 

I haven't had my tush in the stitchy chair since Wednesday afternoon. Shame on me. This is where I left off on BOAF.

Birds of a Feather
Home Spun Elegance
28ct Light Mocha Cashel
DMC and GAST floss
Don't cha' love that muslin on the bottom. It works and I'm content. lol After I finish Redbird - I'm heading to the green for the leaves on the tree branches and flower stems. Maybe tonight.

It's the weekend again. Sunday is Logan's donation collection day and raffle for the local animal shelters. He had collection containers out for the last 2 weeks. He got over $70! No, it's not much. But, it's more than before the containers. Hoping for a large raffle and lots of drop-off food. He's already had several people stop around the house and leave items. It's amazing - the generosity of good people.

Alrighty, might not see you here around the blog until Monday. So, have a great weekend and happy stitching!


CalamityJr said...

Love your fabrics and your birdies start! Check your new JoAnn flier - DMC floss will be buy one-get one free next weekend, limit 30, if you can work around #3031! (yes, I'm headed to my chair... )

Nancy said...

Love the cherry and watermelon fabric and definitely the dark green for dandy! Enjoy the weekend!

paula said...

you have such good news about Joannes . . andd the one in my hometown in Indiana is closing . . . that, along with the new Wal~Mart Suoer Center with ittle crafts and NO yarn, it is a sad day for mr :0{

Will make a move back home, one day, pretty depressing :0C

Love your fabric . . it all looks god with your work.

Lesleyanne said...

Love the fabric you got for your finished projects. Great new start. Look forward to seeing Dandy finished.

Mouse said...

ooo fabrics are fab :) mmmm darker green does it for me too :) glad the muslin works for you :) and hope all goes well for raising of funds for Logan 's project :) take care and happy stitching :) love mouse xxxx

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

git your butt in that chair girl.
Be always in stitches.

Teresa said...

I love a store opening, especially crafts. My Joann's has done away with all kits and patterns. Love your new fabric.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

staci said...

Love your fabric choices (and I agree with you on the darker one for DD!)

Anne said...

Great progress Denise! Those fabrics are perfect for the pillows! Very sweet! I'm liking the dark one too for dandy dreams.

mdgtjulie said...

Wow, you have lots going on. Love the cherry and watermelon fabbies, and for Dandy Dreams, I like the back fabby too. Looks like you're moving right along on BoaF. Good for you putting the muslin along the bottom. I'd have to baste it on as I don't have a sewing machine. (Or else get my mom to do it, lol.) Hope you have a good weekend. Grats to your son! It's a very worthy cause.

Pumpkin said...

Those are perfect fabric choices Denise! I like the darker fabric for your dandelions :o)

Your WIP is coming along nicely. You're doing much more stitching than I am ;o) LOL!

Congrats to your DS! Any amount is greatly appreciated I'm sure :o)