Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 5 - Dandy Dreams SAL and other stitchy things

I would say Mary Jane and I must have kicked it up a gear and really got some stitches in these last few days. MJ found a few extra moments to stitch on Friday and it shows!

Mary Jane's weekend progress ~

And mine ~

I must say Mary Jane is using the called for linen and it looks fab. My LNS was out and the replacement looks nice in person but washed out in the pics. She also said that Chime is wonderful to stitch on.

I might not have set records on Dandy but I did get a few more stitches in.

I finished Rose Garden Saturday and now I need to get the sewing machine a humming. Then I can show you the pillow and backing fabric.

Started another small Saturday and had hoped to show it to you finished too. But...

Little house in the Woods
Heart in Hand
Country French Cashmere 28 ct
Recommended Flosses

I'm going to frame this little one and place it in front of my "Here Comes the Sun and Full Moon Arising" projects. Even though they are from different designers - I thought they would be a cute set.

The walking has hit a block. My hip is to the point I am going to call a doctor and see what help is available. When I recently had some x-rays done it was found that part of the ball of my femur is missing. I always related the lower back pain to well, my back. It's not - it's the hip and after walking 400 steps I start limping. This is not working at ALL! My progress is slipping. But, I keep telling myself anything is better than nothing and 'no pain no gain' isn't always true.

The start of another week is around the corner. May it go quickly and safely for all!


mainely stitching said...

Your HIH start is so cute! Love that design. And congratulations on your Rose Garden finish! :D Your progress on you SIL is great, too.

Teresa said...

It has been fun to see how two people work on the same project so differently. I guess we all start our pieces in our own way.
It has been delightful.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

CalamityJr said...

Uh, oh. I haven't placed a single stitch since that photo. Guess I'd better get busy! I'm sure the next RAK recipient will be thrilled with her very own garden, and your idea for the HIH will work perfectly! At least one of us has a needle in her hand, lol.

Mouse said...

love both your progress 's :) love your new start too and bummer about your hip .... love mouse xxxx

mdgtjulie said...

Oh, I hope they can do something for your hip. It's rotten to have pain from something like that. Here's hoping you can keep up your walking!! DD is looking good, for both of you. I really, REALLY like Rose Garden. Who's the designer on that? Grats on the progress on your Heart in Hand too. You're practically finished already!!

Lelia said...

Beautiful stitching!

Catherine said...

Sorry to hear about your hip - you'll have to keep us updated on your progess with the docs!

Great stitches too!! Love the Rose Garden piece!

Carol said...

I love seeing the variations when people do SALs--always so interesting to see the difference a fabric or thread might make :)

Do hope you can find some relief for your hip problem, Denise--take care now...

Lesleyanne said...

Great progress on your SAL. Rose Garden is gorgeous. Look forward to seeing it as a pillow. Great new start.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Funny how fast one can stitch when working up the project in a SAL. Both look wonderful and it will be fun to see how each one of you chooses to finish them off.
Half a ball missing? wow and you can still function!
Be always in stitches.

Pumpkin said...

Boy, you girls really did step it up! Great progress!

I can't believe you actually have a finish and another WIP in there too ;o)

Oh no :o( What are they going to do? Is there something they can do to make things more comfortable for you?

Shari said...

everything looks great, as are just blazing!!!
I sure hope you figure your hip/hips fun not being able to walk.....gotta hit that 10000 per day......