Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 3 - Dandy Dreams SAL

I could have had so much more stitching done yesterday. Life interfered! Has anyone figured out a way to rev the metabolism and still sit and stitch? This walking thing is really cutting into stitching time!

Mary Jane is really cooking today. She got tons of lettering done. Would you like to see her progress?

My progress was exactly what I predicted - two full strands of floss and stopped. lol

We're starting to come together where you can tell we are doing the same project. after this weekend - it shouldn't be an issue.

We've already discussed how we plan to finish these. Mary Jane is thinking a flatfold. I had thought of using the antique frame but found it to be a bit large for Dandy. DH might be making another frame this summer.

Oh, I also stitched a bit on Rose Garden.

Maybe if the stitching gods are shining brightly on me - a finish this weekend. I think it would make number 18.

It's the weekend and somebody's anniversary! Happy 39th Anniversary to you my friend - hope dinner is delicious tonight!


Paula said...

Where did I see the original Rose Garden . . . or, did I dream I saw it?

When the mind leaves, the rest is pretty close behind. LOLOL

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Holy smok'en needles girlfriends. Way to go to the two of you. Hope you have some stitchy time this weekend.
Be always in stitches

Marlene said...

Love your stitching. It's growing well

mainely stitching said...

Your stitching progress looks wonderful to me!

mdgtjulie said...

Happy anniversary to your friend! And DD is looking good, both of them. Love the color of your roses. (I know, I've said that before, but it's really gorgeous!!) Sorry life got in the way, but if you need to exercise to be healthy, then you should! Just look at it this way. You'll make up the stitching time you lost because you'll live longer!!

Anne said...

Lots of progress for the both of you! Dandy Dreams is looking great!!

Pumpkin said...

You gals are doing a terrific job! Looking good :o)