Friday, April 22, 2011


Nine blissful days without a boss, box, or co-worker! Sleeping beyond 2:45am. Not taking two showers before 11am. Taking a nap because I want to not because I need one. Bliss - pure bliss! Picture me sighing with a smile...mmm. And I won't describe the happy dance or the tune I'm humming.

Moving on - the weather today (and what the weatherman assures me will continue) is not conducive to taking photos. With that in mind - Paula please accept my apologies because I can not get your fob to show up correctly without sunlight!

Here's the story - a few weeks ago I entered Paula's birthday giveaway. And being the gracious blogger that she is - gave something to everyone who responded to her post! I got A Stoney Creek Cross Stitch magazine that has tons of patterns I want to do. Tons! The front cover has a pattern showing tree leaves in the fall - This one will be done - it's perfect for the tree hugger side of me! And I got a fob - it reminds me of a charm bracelet. Many danglies - I love the charms - an angel, apple, stork scissors, silk cord on a bobbin, spinner, stars, and the words Dream and Wish. She then wrote out what each charm means - the angel is my guardian angel watching over my stitching etc. Very cool - the next time the sun shines - I'll get a pic and show you!

With the aid of the daylight lamp and the camera's flash I did get some pics of my latest finish - number 15!

Snow White
Little House Needleworks
14ct Loch Aida
DMC - Ecru
 I won this pattern from Lyssa last year. CalamityJr and I both won something from Lyssa and I now have this one completed and have her Snowflake Santa partially done. Does that make sense?

I have worked on another project and the progress is not stunning, but I did put stitches thru cloth!

I just added some sweet potato on October last night. This picture looks creepy - like blood dripping down - eek!

And One Nation - This project is H-U-G-E! I can't get it into one picture for the life on me -

It's fun but those long straight lines are boring. I stitch a line, do a star, work on lettering and repeat. I think that's why I worked on a pumpkin in April last night. lol

Tomorrow I am checking something off my bucket list - if the weather cooperates I should have some neat pics for the next post. There will be a story without a doubt.

Sunday - I'm taking the kids out to lunch and then a movie. My sister had Easter dinner last weekend. Easter is a hard holiday for me - my Grandpa died 27 years ago. Today is the actual anniversary but I've always associated the two events. And tomorrow is 3 months for Dad.

I think he would be happy with my plans for tomorrow though - I hope so.

Might not post before Sunday. May you have a blessed Easter holiday.


Deb said...

Great projects!! And I love what you've gotten done on One Nation. It's a huge project, but it is going to wonderful when it's finished. I love the fabric that you're using. Enjoy your nine days off.

Mouse said...

Enjoy your time off :) love the updates and glad you have plans to help you through this bit of time :)
can't wait to see your other photos :) love mouse xxxx

Paula said...

So glad you liked the magazine. I was hoping it would have numerous things for your stitching pleasure :0

April Mechelle said...

Have fun on your days off !!! I love the One Nation stitching !!!

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely stitching. Enjoy your time off.

Marlene said...

Have a good break, here we have 4 days off, with the best, warmest, sunniest days ever. Then 3 working days next week and another 4 day weekend, what a life.

Carol said...

One Nation may be boring to stitch at times, but it will be a masterpiece when you're all finished, Denise. Love your LHN piece, too :)

Enjoy your vacation :) I hope the weather improves soon!

Colleen said...

Enjoy your much earned vacation!! Great stitching projects & One Nation is going to be awesome! Happy Easter to you, Denise.

Renee said...

Great stitching!! You have a beautiful blog too! As a fellow Ohioan I'm feeling your pain on the lack of sunshine and too much rain! This has gotten old! I love your LHN Snow White and of course One Nation! We have very similar stitching tastes! Hope you have a Happy Easter.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Well, it is finally here my friend, enjoy and maybe even take a trip up to the particular office for a particular document for a particular trip. hmmm now that's what vacations are for. Have a great week and heck in 9 days you could have all the state names on and the stripes in between too...
well that is if you be Always in stitches.

♥ Nia said...

Happy Easter :)

Crystal said...

Enjoy your holidays. One Nation is looking beautiful, great finish on your LHN piece.

Pumpkin said...

Hope you had a great VK Denise :o) Since I'm on permanent vacation, I can't remember what it's like. LOL!

Lovely stitching and congrats on your latest finish! One Nation is incredible!!!! Wow.

I know it was probably hard for you and your family but I hope you did have a nice Easter. ((HUGS))