Monday, April 4, 2011

One Nation and an Engagement

I've not been around much lately. Life has gotten in the way again. Nothing serious - just stress. I'm sure you've all been there!

Thought I might show a quick update on One Nation -

It's kinda hard to show the whole thing! As soon as I get those red lines in above and below the states done - I will finally have one whole stripe complete! lol It's easy stitching, but man, oh man, there's a lot of it! ;0)

And on another front - this is what happened here at home Saturday!

Yep, that's a diamond ring and a man on one knee. DD got her ring. In case you are wondering when the wedding is - don't hold your breath! She still has health insurance through my employer and until she/they have good insurance - no wedding. She's got another 5 years on my insurance. This wedding could be far far away.

It's time for a nap - have been up since 2:30am and I'm ready -


Emily said...

Congrats on DD's engagement!!! How awesome is that!!!

Great job on "One Nation"!! Its looking beautiful!!!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

WOOOO HOOOOO Congratulations to you and DH and of course to the lucky groom. And then there is the Bride. Best Wishes to all.
One Nation is coming along oh,,,how lovely. Get some rest and maybe you will have a bit of time to stitch this evening.
Be always in stitches
as always

Marlene said...

What a happy looking daughter, congratulations, sending hugs and smiles.

Paula said...

Smart couple . . . they understand the rewards of having insurance in one's life!

Congrats pre-MIL!

Catherine said...

Congrats to your DD!!

Deb said...

Congratulations to your while family!!

I love your new start! It's already looking wonderful, but will be so impressive when it's finished!

gracie said...

congratulations to the bride to be!

Shari said...

the stitching looks wonderful! What a large piece, but it will be so beautiful!
Congrats to your daughter & future SIL.....and she is a red head!!!!!!!!!! We have an auburn haired daughter & a strawberry blond son!

Jane said...

Oh how lovely, some happy news for your family, I know you've been through it recently so something nice to look forward to even if it is 5 years away!!!
Good luck with the new stitch, I always admire stitchers who tackle something sooooo big but they are so worth it when they're complete.
Have a good week with lots of rest and stitching xxx

Pumpkin said...

One Nation is looking great Denise!

That's WONDERFUL!!!! Congrats to your DD :o)