Monday, April 11, 2011

Is this Eavesdropping?

You're sitting in your living room on a Sunday afternoon reading a book. The windows are open and a gentle breeze wafts through the house. And a female voice shrilly starts yelling outside your window. Pause. Again with the shrill voice. Pause. A deeper masculine voice is heard. Hmm, time to look out those open windows and find out what's happening.

I went to the kitchen window and the young female is waving her arms as she yells some more. Now I can hear clearly that she is angry about something. And this bit of wisdom is thrown at the young man - "Shut up and talk to me!"

Really?!? Which part is this poor boy supposed to do? I felt confused for him. I have no idea what he said because you never heard him say anything. By her reactions he must have been saying plenty.

This continued for quite awhile until I went out on the porch and parked myself on the hammock. I finally made my presence known and they moved on.

I did get a few stitches in this weekend. The desire to sit there and stitch seems to have moved on for now. But, I'm reading as if my pants are on fire!

Has any one else ever read Lightning by Dean Koontz? A bit scifi, love story, mystery, and drama. I've read it probably 5 times now. It's still good.

Could some one kick me? I have a RAK completely ready to go and I know where it's going - so why does it continue to sit on my dining room table??

This is going to be a rip roaring week - I just have a feeling! Hope this week finds you well!


Emily said...

Nope! Not eavesdropping in my eyes!! They're the ones that were close enough to your house for you to hear them ... and screaming at that ...

I don't think I've ever read Lightening ... I've read TONS of his other books **trip to the library in the near future**

Have a great day!!


Crystal said...

Nope not eavesdropping and awesome book but then again most of his are.

Lee said...

Oh, the mixed blessings of having your windows open...I've overheard many things coming from next door that I'd rather not have heard.

Of course, all of MY family interactions are just perfect! ;)

JulieF1962 said...

Not can't be helped. My neighbor's teenage children yell at him, complete with four letter words, and we hear it every summer from anywhere in our house. Blah.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

open windows = open converscreamsions.
well if you have the 5 as an 8 it may be there for a reason....only kidding. I love my RAK . and what is this you speak of when you say "The desire to sit there and stitch seems to have moved on for now." is this something new? I can't say as I have ever felt or heard this expression. What is the meaning of it???
As always

Marlene said...

Here in the Uk, we would have called her a chav!! I'm not stitching at the mo, I start my job on Tuesday, so I will let you know how it went. xxxxx

Shelly said...

Not eavesdropping in the least! She shouldn't be yelling if she wants it to be private. I feel sorry for the poor boy, too.

Do you ever play the game with yourself about who you would want to play a character if they made the book into a movie? I first read Lightning when it came out in the '80s and thought that Michael Biehn (Cpl. Hicks in the movie "Aliens") would be perfect to play Stefan. Now I think maybe Daniel Craig might be good, too...

Jane said...

If it's loud enough for you to hear it then what else can you do but hear it! You don't sound as bad as my Mum who my Dad often jokes about and says he has to hold her by the ankles so she can lean out far enough to see and hear what the neighbours might be doing!!!
Enjoy your rip-roaring week and a BIG kick coming your way to clear the dining table! xxx