Friday, April 29, 2011

Did the sun leave us forever?

It's another deary day in Ohio. The weathermen promise sometime soon the sun will return. I'm beginning to doubt them.

I can't remember such wicked weather. We have been getting clouds and rain. Nothing serious. My heart goes out to those in the south who keep getting pounded by storm after storm. And Texas is in a severe drought with fires. Is there something wrong with mid-70's and sun? That's all I'm asking for.

Keeping the clouds in mind - would you like to see some crappy pics? I've enlisted the add of the camera's flash, overhead lights, and an open curtain. And I still got nothing. ;0)

Last week I promised pics from Paula's give away. Well, unfortunately this is the best I could do.

 The white paper makes for a horrible photo. But, with my dark counters I couldn't think of any other way to get it to show up.

I did make progress on stitching while I've been off.

Lines - lots and lots of lines. Mindless stitching. But, exactly what one needs when watching/listening to every royal update and show. Couldn't loose my spot! 

Forgive Quickly
Lizzie Kate
28ct Country French Cashmere
CC Cupid
 Made great progress on this new start right up 'til I ran out of floss. After quickly calculating how much it would cost to run to the nearest LNS for another skein and checking shipping costs - ONS won out.

But, you can't JUST get one skein of floss. So I got two. And I thought, "That's it - that's all?" No - just can't get two measly little skeins of floss (Isn't justification wonderful?) So, I got a couple of patterns and a book. Shoot, just realized I should have gotten more 'Gloves in a Bottle'. 

Did you watch William and Kate get married? I was up at 4:30 this morning. Didn't see Prince Edward or was it Andrew? The youngest one and his family at all. I did see Beatrice and Eugenie - what hats! Kate's dress was very classic - thought she might have a little more umph with it though. Fell asleep during all the choir stuff. Woke long enough to see them return to Buckingham and back out I went. Completely missed the kiss. Dang it!

I will say the Royal family does know how to throw a wedding! What pageantry. Now it's Harry's turn. Will it be Chelsy Davy?

The weekend is here - have fun and be safe!


Blu Stitcher said...

I hope you will get to see the sun soon. You giveaway was great and your projects looks wonderful.

country stitcher said...

we are in the same boat - no sun here either. Love both of your WIP

Marlene said...

The wedding was wonderful, we had TV on all day, it's great on our large screens, here we are having your sunshine and need the rain. Stitching looking good.

Lesleyanne said...

I hope the sun comes out for you soon. Lovely progress on your wips. You definitely couldn't just buy two skeins of thread - waste of postage. The Royal Wedding was great - fancy missing the kiss and there was two.

Rowyn said...

Love your WIPs.

I watched the wedding too. I saw Edward with his wife Sophie, they arrived at the abbey at the same time as Andrew and his daughters. Sophie and Edward's daughter Louise was one of the flower girls. It sure was a beautiful occasion.

Paula said...

Been working on the wedding sampler I designed for my nephew and his new wife . . . so tedious but it must be finished and framed for July when they have their "reception."

mdgtjulie said...

I've seen pics of the wedding, but wasn't up to watch any of the footage. Everyone has said it was wonderful though. The little girls were so cute!! And there were lots of pics of the kiss!!

staci said...

Congrats on the goodies you won. Love your stitching!

I watched the wedding too, although I didn't get up at 2. I got up at 4 and was able to catch the things I'd missed later (gotta love new technology!)

Jennifer said...

hey Denise, I caught the whole thing this morning on replay as I had to work yesterday. I too thought the veil or something needed more umph...LOL
Oh well, it's there life not mine...but in stitching just want to say I love all your WIPs here and I know exactly what you mean when buying floss. I think I went nuts with buying floss when I was in Washington on a trip last month. I LOVE FLOSS!


Pumpkin said...

Here, here! I want sun and warmer weather :o) I didn't think it was too much to ask either. Sigh!

Lovely goodies and your stitching looks great Denise.

I didn't get up at 4 am but I did watch the re-run of the wedding and Catherine was just stunning. I think Harry was checking out her sister pretty hard ;o) LOL!