Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Could you give some advice to my son?

The boy has decided to do a service project and he needs some advice on his approach, hints or tips on how to make a fund drive profitable, and things that make people want to contribute.

His project is a fund drive for the local cat shelter and dog sanctuary. Our local Rotary will be backing him. They encouraged him to set his drop off site to coincide with their local projects in June and July. His project will be mentioned on their advertising.

We were thinking of making more flyers and pass them out at local stores in an effort to gain corporate sponsorship, set out change canisters at local stores, place Wanted ads in the two local papers, and possibly Wanted ads at sites like Craig's List.

If anyone has experience in fund raising or has any ideas that would make this a success - please comment or email me. I will pass all comments/encouragement/advise along to him.

Thank you in advance!


Paula said...

WOW! I never have ANY luck with fund raisers . . . but I have had luck making crochet cat toys. Maybe if he made some cat and dog toys from cloth, Bones for the dogs and fish for the cats (which would need some cat nip added to the stuffing) then giving one to each person who donates to his "cause" it might help. Then, with th4e left over toys, if there are any, he can donate them to the shelter.

Oh, one real easy cat toy . . dowel rod, twine, feathers . . tie feathers together with the twine, then tie the twine around the top of the dowel. If you need, place some glue over the dowel/twine connection for security.

Keep us up on what he decides and how the project goes.

Oh, he could make homemade dog biscuits too . . very easy. And I have a "snickerpoodle" recipe that Indy dies for.

stitch_days said...

Maybe you could cross stitch something to give away in a raffle drawing? I think I remember some people stitched the rainbow bridge by Sue Hillis ( as a memory of their deceased pet or even as a gift to hang in their vet's office. Good Luck to your son.
Rita E in AZ

Anonymous said...

Ours have usually been through the Scouts...but just some ideas.
*Sponsor a doggy wash.
*Talk to store managers to see if he can set up a booth outside the door.
*Do a small 1/4 page flyer with a doggy treat attached...Gets more attention than a flyer alone.
*The more the merrier and more successful...Get his friends and family involved.
*There are lots of ideas...just google online for tons more.

Good luck! This should be a fun experience for him.

Peggy H.

Mouse said...

Hi Our local rescue centre has a tombola stall .. where they get folks to donate small goods, bubble bath chocolates , things that kids might want to win and then sell tickets at a pound for 5 goes .. all the prizes have a o or a 5 at the end eg 10 , 25 etc hope that helps abit ??? they also sell 2nd hand books and home made cards too :)
love mouse xxx

Anna van Schurman said...

Instead of passing out flyers to local businesses, have him write a letter to the business and follow up with a phone call or in person visit. That works better for business sponsorships. But I'm not really sure what you're getting the business sponsorships for. What exactly is his project going to be? I have fundraising experience, but I need a clearer picture of what he is trying to accomplish.

Parsley said...

I know our 4H club took an official letterhead to businesses and got some donations. Our success was in a garage sale. Also might look into candy sales?