Saturday, April 23, 2011


That's another thing off the ole' bucket list!

What did we do today?

Sorry about it being grainy but you get the picture! Scarlet and Gray Game Day.

That campus is HUGE - my feet are telling stories about how I REALLY need to get into a shape that isn't round.

He fell in love today. Let's see where this road goes. We both had a great time and I enjoyed spending the day with him.

btw - we didn't stay for the whole game. (Sorry MJ)

Happy Easter to all who celebrate!


CalamityJr said...

Hey, it was raining and the score was lopsided - you won't get any argument from me! Just glad you were able to go. Of course DS fell in love - it's a fantastic school. I'll be hoping everything works out the way that's best for him.

Happy and Blessed Easter!

Emily said...

Glad you had fun ... even if you're an Ohio State fan!! Sorry .. that's my U of M blood coming though!!

Marlene said...

Glad you enjoyed your time there, bowl of water always helps with the feet!

Paula said...

Hope this love story has a great ending.

mdgtjulie said...

Oh, what fun. I was recently in that city to visit a stitchy friend of mine. She lives in Westerville, and we had a ball driving round the city shopping and the like. Glad you had a good time, even if you didn't stay to watch the whole game!