Friday, March 25, 2011

We're off...

to the movies that is. We leave in about an hour. The Lincoln Lawyer is the choice. Details to follow - lol

There has been some stitching accomplished this week. Thought I would share because -- well, it's Friday. And I didn't name the post Friday Progress!

HIH Monthly Mania
14ct Vintage Country Cream Aida
 Making some headway on this. October is a pumpkin and November is an acorn. All orange and all brown. There are a few specialty stitches to break it up - but this is mind numbing stitching. Great for when the brain is overloaded! ;0)

Snow White by LHN
14ct Lach Aida
It's a bit more like a dark teal than light blue. This will be quiet pretty when complete. I want to finish this like my other 'to be done' ornies. Still unsure how that's going to be!

Snowflake Santa by Sue Hillis
Santa and snow in late March - not even close to the right season! But, it might be quiet nice to work on in the summer. You know, when the temps make you sweat just by looking outside and the pavement is shimmering.

I made a serious dent in the blue field! Once I got the side and top about half done - the center REALLY took off. As you can see I still have 7 blue stars and 49 white ones to go. I put a touch of the red in to see how it looked. I've been thinking - although it's not called for - what do you think of a single white Mill Hill seed bead in the center of each star?

Otherwise this week - I've been doing well. Stayed busy and stitched. Only one day did a have a few bad hours. Today is Dad's birthday. I've been singing Happy Birthday to him off and on. The first couple of times I added "and many more" to the end like always. That caused a few moments of sadness. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers during the last 2 months. I've felt your love and appreciate it. You've all helped me through a tough time.

I did get some GREAT news this week! The boy sent his ACT scores to Kent State and OSU fourteen months ago in preparation for PSEO*. OSU sent us an invitation to come down in April and tour the campus. Nice way to spend a day - ok. He read off the dates - April 1st, 22nd, and 23rd. But, if you go on the 23rd - you get free tickets to the Scarlet and Gray game. We looked at each other and both said - the 23rd! He registered for the tour and I'm going to the game! Hehehehe. Cross that off the ole bucket list!

I would like to say hello to two new followers! One is an English major and I fear I might send her into convulsions with my liberal use of commas, dashes, and explanation points. At least I use spell check!

Ok everyone - off to the weekend. May there be stitching in your future!

*Post Secondary Education Option - taking college classes while still in high school. He is in his 2nd semester and will have completed 32 hours in May. Smiling momma - he wants his Associates in Science before his high school diploma. Two years of college and no school loans!


Emily said...

Great stitchy progress!!!

Congrats to the boy on such great news!!!

Cath said...

Fab stitching .
appy Birthday to your Dad , I'm sure he'd be smiling to hear you sing to him . Don't stop . XXX

Mary said...

Congrats to you and your son. You must be proud of him. Have fun at the game.
Your stitching looks beautiful! I like your idea of stitching the Santa in the middle of summer when you are wishing for a cool breeze! I'm going to try that!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

wow one nation is coming along nicely. Way to go. Have fun at the movies and Congrats to the boy.
As always

Topcho said...

Lovely wips as always!

Pumpkin said...

Well you're definitely keeping yourself busy with stitching! ;o)

How was the movie? I heard it was good but the book was better.

Congrats to your DS!