Friday, March 18, 2011

A Sense of Satisfaction...

When I added the latest photos to Flickr this afternoon I felt this sense of satisfaction. I told DH how I felt and he feels rather accomplished himself. As of today - there are 12 finished frames with their projects in them. There are another two are drying and a third waiting for paint.

Myself - just about every project is in its completed state. There are a few that I want to tweak a bit - but they are mostly DONE!

I emailed a friend late last week whining that I wasn't in the mood to stitch what I had up in rotation. By the end of the email I had convinced myself that I wanted to stitch a couple of Bent Creek Designs I found in a magazine I had won from Paula.

Here Comes the Sun & Full Moon Rising
by Bent Creek
Recommended floss
28ct Light Mocha Cashel
From BHG Cross Stitch & Needlework June 1998
DH and I LOVE these cuties. I couldn't believe when I pulled the floss for these - DMC. Bent Creek always uses a hand-dyed cotton. Then I looked at the article - 1998. Four years after they started their business. I don't remember if hand-dyed floss was available then. Does anyone else know?

DH gave me quiet the compliment the other day. I happened to be showing him my progress on Here Comes the Sun. He looks at it and tells me he couldn't stitch on linen because the holes are too small. But, he loves the look. And he thought I did a good job on linen. Ahh...that's why I keep him around.

I wanted to show you another couple of completions if you don't mind.

Not sure how well the color of the frame shows - but it was a 'hold your breath' kinda moment. I didn't like the color paint I had available here at home. So, starting with an orangy brown - I painted the frames then I got bold and rubbed black on them after the first coat had dried. Sometimes it just works. This almost became a pillow. But after another disastrous odyssey - I gave up!

Here's Thine is the Trick and the Treat - from last years SAL with Crystal.

Plans for the this weekend - Mom is taking us to dinner tonight. On Sunday, we are going to Menard's. She's never been to our local store. I might see if she'll consent to head further north to pick up a couple of goodies for my RAK. (Oops, the candy I bought earlier this week didn't make it to the box. I had a chocolate crisis and it was handy.)

Next week had promised to be a bad week - lots of firsts happening with Dad - his birthday is the 25th. I've invited Mom to go to a movie Friday night. I'm thinking Lincoln Lawyer - Matthew McConaughey. Yum yum! Any other movie suggestions?

I would like to say hello to my newest followers. And thank-you for the comments you leave. They are truly appreciated. You guys rock!

Also, if you would like to see all my new frames/completions head over to my flickr photostream. Just click on my slide show on the sidebar. Feel free to make comments if you would like. It's fun to hear how you finished yours.

Smiles - Denise


Emily said...

Denise the frames are perfect for the projects!! I LOVE THEM!!!

You always do such a great job!!

Michele said...

I do love coming to your blog and seeing all the lovely finishes! Of course I leave drooling over your frames!

The two older Bent Creek designs look wonderful together! I have them both, just have never gotten around to stitching them ... I need to move them forward :)

Shari said...

everything looks fantastic!!! I just catch up with you & show up with more finishes!!!!!!
What a team you & your hubby are...
will be thinking of you with the hard week next week...Firsts without are the toughest I think...

valerie said...

Beautiful framing! I just had to go search and buy the CSN mag. I love Bent Creek!

Carol said...

I'm sure the 25th will be a tough day for your family, Denise. I think the first of any holiday or birthday is the hardest in the years after a loss such as yours...

Your pieces all look great--really love the Trick or Treat one :)

Crystal said...

Wonderful job on the frames, you and your DH work well together. I still need to frame my haloween quaker, should get my DH in the framing business. Will be thinking of you with your week of first coming up, enjoy the movie with your mom.

Anonymous said...

What great finishes! I love how the Pumpkins Three frame turned out. It is perfect for the piece.

Paula said...

Yoou did two of the pieces I really liked . . nice jobs!

What does the husband use for his frames . and I don't mean wood quarter round, or something with a ridge?

Will be "flying" through Cleveland on Wednesday. Would like to stop at a shop, but when I'm on the road I have tunnel vision. Same with coming home a bee-line to the back door as soon as we get in the car at Joyce's . . that's my BFF at home . . we stay with her. I call it "Sandberg's Bed and No Breakfast! LOLOL

Maybe, one day, we can do a Cleveland shopping trip and meet for a weekend.

Topcho said...

Oooh, loce them all, but the Bent Creek duo must be my favourite!

Blu said...

Awesome framing! They fit the designs perfectly.

Marlene said...

You have been busy, come to mine and sort all my finishes. Where are you going to hang them.

Lee said...

Great framing! Don't you feel wonderful?

I'll tell you...that first year is the hardest, but it does get easier. Eventually your memories come with smiles instead of sadness. You'll get there, sweetie.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

man Denise, your needle is just'a flying. I love the finishes.
You know, you will have many firsts and a flock of memories to go with each one and in the end the theme will always be around "Dad" These times will hit like a ton of bricks and lift you up like a feather swept along like wind chimes in the sunshine.
Keep your fork my friend, the best is yet to come.
Be always in stitches
as always

♥ Nia said...

All so pretty!!! =)
Congrats on your work and keep up that motivation ;)
Have a great week :D

Pumpkin said...

You are putting me to shame! I'm not looking at finishing some of my pieces because I feel so bad ;o)

You and DH did an outstanding job! LOVE all the combinations and LOVE those earlier BC patterns!!!! Just awesome Denise!

I think going to a movie with your mom will be a great idea :o)