Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Progress

I should really come up with a better title than that. It's getting boring - Friday Progress - ho hum! At least you know what's coming - lol!

So, what have I been up to this week - a little stitching and framing. First up the stitching ~~

Heart in Hand Monthly Mania
Recommended floss
14 ct Vintage Country Cream
March RAK
Hearts and Diamonds - JCS Magazine
40 ct Summer Khaki Linen
DH made 5 frames in the last few days. I got them painted yesterday and some items even in them. Here are a couple - you get the idea!

And I thought I would share a photo I took at Christmas. As I took the photo I thought to myself, "Why don't you get some photos of the whole family?" As quickly as the thought came - it went. And then he's gone...

Alivia and Garin, Mom and Dad, and Logan and Courtney
Thinking about my plans for the weekend. And there aren't many or any. I like it that way. lol I had considered getting tickets to Bill Engvall. Ms Procrastinator here put it off until we could not get 3 tickets together. Oops - better planning next time!

Hope your weekend turns out the way you want/plan.
Take care and stay warm!


Shari said...

ok, first things first!!!!!! LOVE THE RED HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Two of my three have red hair.....daughter has auburn....first son has strawberry blond...we joke we kept trying to get one without red hair...third has dark brown like me.
anyway, the stitching progress is wonderful!!! And...I MUST show my husband the pictures of the frames...I love the ridges in them....
I have a picture of three frames we finished this week too, but didn't post it, because the girl they are for hasn't seen them yet!

Paula said...

UB has a great performingartists series.

Last year we went to see Craig Ferguson. I don't think I have laughed that hard in years.

This year they advertised Bob Newhart. I have ALWAYS loved his dry, button downed humor. Mentioned to the husband to get tickets for that. Will have to ask him if he has . .. and I know the answer.

Oh well, it was a good thought when I had it.

Your husband makes some pretty nice frames.

Pumpkin said...

I was beginning to wonder where you were ;o) At least you've been stitching. LOL!

DH did a great job with the frames and they're perfect for those projects!

Great picture of the family :o)

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Hmmmm not much to do this weekend you say????oh my goodness you are going to laugh your butt off with Bill, he is sooooo funny. Have fun with that. Love the pictures and I have to admit that I had a chill rug through me when I saw your Dad in the picture.
I landed in @ our Landing around lunch and funny how many naps I feel I need and right now the Velcro sheets are calling my

chat later my friend and have a great weekend.

staci said...

GREAT family pic!

Awesome stitching and your framed pieces look fantastic~~your hubby did an awesome job with the frames and you did wonderful with the stitching and painting :)

NOSTROMO said...

WOW! Very nice, I like it! Lovely work!
Welcome to my blog:

Catherine said...

What a great photo to have! I must remember to get a newer picture of my mom and dad with the boys next time we are all together!
You are so lucky that your husband can make such beautiful frames!! Love all of your stitches - thanks for sharing!

Marlene said...

I love your family photo, I hope you have it framed and on display, Christmas is always a good time to remember. Your stitching is brill, and tell DH, I will send him my work for framing.

Michele said...

love your wips! the are coming along great :)

The frames are awesome!