Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sinful....Absolutely Sinful!

Today has been a good day! Yes, I went shopping and was a very very bad girl. (Mind you, the shop owner was very very happy!) But, let's start with this morning!

The boy finally (FINALLY) got a job. He had applied for a job at the college's Performing Arts Center and according to the email - he had to go to the meeting to sign all the papers and talk to the head of the PAC. There were 13 pages - including a page stating that he in no way supported groups listed on the Homeland Security list. eek - when did these statements become part of applying for a job? (guess that happens when you've had the same job for nearly 24 years - you miss these

After we got him off to school - we left for Cleveland and Canton. And I just realized --- we never stopped in Canton for the cloth for Dad's urn. Hmm, does this warrant another trip north? Ah, yeah, I think. But, probably not tomorrow. Shoot!

The trip north went well and we arrived in good time. Would you like to see my retail therapy session? It was sinful. There are no other words for it. But, Carol had a good sale in me right before she left for Nashville. She told me I paid for her hotel bill. Thanks Carol!

This first picture is something DH picked out. It was on my wish list but...

Then I got another piece of fabric for "A Crow Above." Turns out they are almost identical! Guess I can use the extra one on another project someday!

The old linen is on the left and the new is on the right. Not much difference. But, neither look like the photo. What is it with cameras that cause the color to be so different? I have the same problem when I take photos. Any camera buffs out there have a solution?

Then I got some patterns and fabric --

Think I will use a different fabirc for the patterns on the right.

These linens are both Clay one by Jobelen and the other is Cashel.
Anybody have a preference?

Hey Lee, thanks but I got it!
And I also went a little overboard and got more fabric because I just LOVE the way she displays her fabrics.

Then DH had the brilliant idea to stop at Buffalo Wild Wings for a late lunch. He had ribs and wings. I had ribs and shrimp. Yummy! Of course, I was planning to make dinner tonight - guess it got pushed back to tomorrow. Homemade manicotti - I make crepes, the cheese filling, and the tomato sauce with pork. This stuff melts in your mouth!

On the down side -- my friend and I were to have lunch tomorrow. Her husband's grandmother died last weekend and the services are Friday. So, we are postponed.

Must remember to get sympathy card in mail!

I had it on good authority that retail therapy helps. And I must say even though I haven't stitched much this week. I have the desire to get in there and do something.

Well, I think it is time to go play with my stash. I think there is the distinct possibility that I have reached SABLE (Stash Above and Beyond Life Expectancy). Oops! It's all the designers fault - if they would stop making these adorable irresistible patterns... Yeah, it's all their fault ;0)

And, I realized several weeks ago that I have many new followers. Hey guys, welcome aboard! Hope you enjoy the photos and stitching.

Hmm, just realized all this stuff won't fit in my to do box. Must get new box! haha
TTFN - Denise

(((Edited to add -- Calamity Jr - trying to email you but everything is bouncing back with a fatal error! They are saying you don't have a account! Any ideas?)))


Crystal said...

Oh I wish I could go shopping with you, looks like you had fun. We bought some of the same charts this week. Love the pic of the assorted fabric you bought. One can never and I repeat never have enough stash.

Deb said...

Just love all the things that you bought. You're definitely helping to stimulate the economy with all those wonderful projects. As Crystal said, "You can never have enough stash".

gracie said...

Well I like all that you needed to help you get through the day, but I love BBD Rose Garden...I have had it written in my notebook for awhile to get it!

Tina said...

Omg you were a bad girl indeed, but i guess it felt good.,

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

did I read that right??? a trip North???
I absolutely love that One Nation and the order of signing on, I carried that chart around with me the whole time I was at ABC in NH last summer and put it down at the last minute. I swear I was Betsy Ross in my former life...There's just something about that old Red, White and Blue. Nice pile of stash and Congrats on the boys employment.
Have a great last day off and
be always in stitches.
as always

Karen said... have got some good new goodies!!!! I love "Our Nation" was stitched at a LNS I visited and it is gorgeous. Can't wait to see the progress on this one!

happy stitching....

Shari said...

stunning!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!! What more to say??? Everything looks awesome!!!!
On the LHN ornament, I think I like the fabric on the left better for it...just my opinion!
love the Victoria Sampler patterns you got!!!! Very nice!

CalamityJr said...

I've had a little trouble with Firefox the last two days but have received other email. I'll send you a test so you can try to reply and see what happens. Now I'm really bummed - I love mail from you!

Catherine said...

What wonderful goodies!! Makes me want to go shopping!!

Emily said...

Oh you were soooo naughty!! But it looks like you had so much fun!!! I'm glad the retail therapy helped!! If nothing more it helps soothe your soul and gets you out of the house!!

Enjoy your new treasures!!!

Paula said...

I need to find an LNS in the Noorthtowns (our side of B'flo) that is cross sttch. We have yarn shops out the wazoo, but can't find cross-stitch . . oh, why did I ever leave Indiana with it's Needle Fever in Indianapolis :0{

Donna said...

You got some great stuff! And obviously your DH is enabling you! ;o)

I love those little ornament ones - so cute


Topcho said...

Awesome stash! Seems you had a great time! :D

Cath said...

Yay for stash shopping !
Love it all , and already stitched a couple of your new charts , enjoy .X

Carol said...

Wow! You really made out, Denise--great additions to your stash!

No solutions to offer on the cameras--I have the same problem with them not photographing colors accurately. I just got a new camera for my birthday and the way it registers colors is way off--I'm about ready to return it!

Can't wait to see some of these finished up--I especially love the little birds :)

Blu said...

What great stash!

Pumpkin said...

O-M-G! You really went wild! Look at all that yummy fabric...I'm drooling all over my keyboard here. Another disclaimer would have been nice ;o)

You got the dandelion pattern! Love that one :o)

Glad you had a nice day.