Sunday, February 6, 2011

No Stitching Has Happened Yet!

I've thought about it...I've planned to go into my room and clean up...I've even picked up a needle a few times...But nothing seems to be happening!

So, I'll show you what teeny tiny progress I have gotten done in two weeks and some intentions!

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28ct linen
This is it for two weeks -- 3 letters --- maybe 100 stitches if I am lucky. The mojo seems to have completely abandon me.

Although, I did order some 40ct Newcastle Summer Khaki and the Mill Hill Glass Treasures red heart charm. I found a pattern in current Just Cross Stitching magazine.

I have everything needed to get this one going. But...

On another note - I received a package in the mail this week. DH comes in asking if I ordered anything. Nope. I look at the return address and imagine my surprise when Cat's name is on the return. Here she thought I needed a pick me up and sent me goodies!

The chocolate barely made it to the photo! If you look closely you'll see it is open - oops! The card has a beautiful sentiment that makes me smile. (Not sure I can repeat it without the greeting card companies permission.) Needles, floss (thinking Valentine pattern), and the hummingbird coaster.

As I told Cat - that hummer is perfect. Unbeknownst to any of you, I am planning to create a runner of sorts for under my father's urn. It is a double urn (made by DH) for my parents. My cousin burnt into the face plate double linked wedding bands, a hummingbird, and a pool cue and cue ball. Hold on let me get a photo.

It's lying down awaiting its next coat of finish. Anyway, I will be making a runner for under this urn. Hummers at either end and linked wedding bands to be centered under under the ones shown here.

I think the pattern she sent me for the coaster will be PERFECT for this! I will be making it for Christmas. I know that sounds weird. Let me explain. I was to have Dad in the Christmas exchange this year. And now I don't. So, I will make the runner and 'give' it to him then.

Changing subjects completely (but not). Emily had a give away that ended on Jan 23rd. I had a couple of blogging buddies email to let me know I had won. I saw I won and hurried to my email to let Emily know I would be sending her my address. About 5 minutes later Mom called to say Dad was down and she needed help. And well, we all know what happened. I posted late that night to let you know I would be gone for awhile. And that is where this story makes me cry again. Emily emailed me to let me know what wonderful friends I have. It seems some of you emailed Em to give her my address and let her know what happened to Dad. You didn't want me to miss something good that would brighten my day. So, thank you to my friends -- my wonderful beautiful stitching sisters around the world for thinking of me and trying to help.

And that brings me to this...

It seems I am having a give away of my own. And today is the day to find out who gets the goodies!

Gracie, I will be emailing you today for your snail mail address.

But, wait ladies! Don't give up hope of winning just yet ~~~ there's more. Inspired by Emily's kindness of a 2nd secret give away I have done the same. See, yesterday I went to the local Hallmark store to get thank you notes and such. I got a free teddy bear. Who to give it to??? Well, I can always pick up another $25 gift card and give that with the bear to another lucky follower.

Can you read that?? It's Nataly K @ Nataly's Needle. So Nataly, I will be emailing you too!

Thank you everyone who entered. And also for following me in this crazy blogging world we have.

I keep saying today I am going to stitch. I figure at some point it will be true. I am going to Zanesville today with Mom. And it is my sister's 27th birthday...really, 27? Eeww, she's getting old. And she's almost 16 years younger than me...don't even say it...don't even think it! I can hear you --- I AM NOT OLD!!!! Shush......Stop laughing..... geez, rough crowd!

Well, here's to you today -- have a great day, keep stitching, enjoy the football game and commercials, and tell someone you love them!



Karen said...

Hope you find your stitching mojo! Looks like you have some goodies to get you back on track.

Marlene said...

great to see you back, we have missed you.

gracie said...

I won! thank you...I emiled you as soon as I read your email to me. It sure sends a happy thought to me...and I need it this morning. And congrats to NatalyK.

CalamityJr said...

Look on the bright side of that Friend stitching - It's not "only" three letters done, it's HALF done! What you're doing with the urn is so special, with a lot of family input, and it wasn't just coincidence that Cat sent the perfect pattern. Tell Sis happy day, and have a safe ride. I assume this is for shopping and lunch???

Paula said...

{ { { S*N*I*F*F*} } }

; I didn't win . . .{ { { S*N*I*F*F } } }

Congratulations to those who did win . . . .{ { { S*N*I*F*F* } } }


Emily said...

I'm glad your slowly starting to feel better, I know it takes time!!

Congrats to Gracie and NatalyK!!


Happy Birthday to your sister!! LOL, I'm almost 6yrs older than her!! So, does that make me almost old LOL .. hahhaha that's so cute that you said "eeww" haha that made me laugh.

Go Steelers!! (like the team, not necessarily the quarterback)

Hugs to you!!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

I have socks & underwear older than your sis,,,heck I even have UFO's older than your sis... Just think of all of your experience and where you were when you were 27 and then have a sip of the coffee.
The runner sounds like a wonderful plan, I would love to help you with that!
Just Because xxx/~

natalyK said...

Denise, I am honored! Thank you so much for the secret giveaway!

Crystal said...

Your start looks fantastic, your stitching mojo will return soon. What a sweet and thoughtful package Cat sent sent you, stitching friends are the best. Happy Birthday to your sister, have fun with her . Congrats to Gracie and NatalyK on winning your prizes.

Pumpkin said...

Oh geez should have had a disclaimer at the first of your post! How sad but sweet that you got your dad's name in the Christmas exchange. I mean, how perfect can you get? The urn that your DH made is just incredible! WOW! So lovely with the wedding bands and hummingbird. And to know your parents will be together...SNIFF! I'm a romantic at heart ;o)

At least you have put a few stitches in and that's all that matters! It will come back soon, don't worry or force it.

Glad to see that you got some goodies in the mail :o) Congrats to your winners! That was so generous of you!

Jules said...

That is truly a beautiful urn for your parents! Woodburning is a great craft and I have always admired woodburned works!!!

Congrats to both winners!! I am sooo jealous of Nataly and her new Teddy! He's!