Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Progress, My Mailman, and Organization!

*** Disclaimer for Pumpkin --- you might cry near the bottom of this post ***
*** And this post is picture heavy***

Okay, disclaimers out of the way - are you ready for this post? I thought, "Oh, I will show my weekly progress and what I bought last night for the stash." Then I got a package! Holy Moly!

Here's my newest start -
Snowman '10
Lizzie Kate

I'm just way too impressed with this projects tiny size!
Last night DH and I took a ride and ended up at Staples. I had grand thoughts of The Container Store this weekend and then gas prices went through the roof. Just can't justify the 240 mile round trip when we also have two other long trips this weekend.

What I wanted was something for my newest collection - cross stitch magazines. And because it is all of your doing that I have over 25 projects I want to do this year - I needed something different to hold my to-do items.

These folders are plastic! I can use my label maker on them and leave no muss when I feel the need to rearrange!

I had these projects in what I call scrap book boxes. My closet is full of them. By unloading my to-do box - I now can use it in some other way! Maybe for that pre-cut aida for the Mystic Stitch projects.

The tan box on top ... that's from Marlene!
My Christmas Puddings live in there!
And then today Bridget started barking. This is a rare occurrence. It was the mailman. But, I didn't order anything. I went out to meet him and got a rather large box! It was from CalamityJr (Mary Jane)!

We have been talking for months and she told me some day when I least expected it to expect something! Oh my goodness!

The pattern with a blue Santa at the top of the picture and the blue picture with the star post it note - these are our wins from Lyssa back in Nov-Dec. We both wanted to do each pattern and we are swapping! The blue picture at the bottom is part of her finished Snow White by LHN. I didn't want to show it all because I forgot to ask permission. Sorry, MJ!

On the right just out of sight - a birthday goody from Woody (Mary Jane's dog) to my Bridget! And pictures of Woody -

Here's Bridget enjoying her birthday gift -

I was so impressed she actually looked into the camera.
She also sent the pattern she planned to make for me. When Dad passed - she stopped what she was doing and made something else for me. (Dramatic pause). And sometimes you buy the same thing twice - this time I benefited from her oops! She even sent me a magazine for my new collection!

This brings me to the 3 wrapped items and the beautiful card. Her card made me take a deep breath and blink back tears. So, I started on the smallest wrapped goody -

The fabric and ribbon! Her note read - "Because Spring will come" Look at that fabric! The ribbon matches both of them. You can't get any more springy than this! And then the larger package - The Snowman Kit - the note read - "Because Winter won't give up yet." Oh, this will be finished before next winter and set with Snowman* by Bent Creek.

And the largest package had this note -

And I opened her pillow. And started to cry -

And cried some more. I sit here looking at this picture and the tears are threatening to fall. Sometimes the things you need/want the most -- you never knew you needed. Mary Jane may not have been here to hug me in person but she sent the next best thing! With my deepest appreciation - thank you!

It's the weekend - and my family is coming over for dinner. So, I must go prepare. Take care everyone and have a happy time this weekend.


Pumpkin said...

THANK YOU for the disclaimer this time ;o)

Your WIPs look great!

WHAT an awesome package you received! You must have been rolling in all those goodies :o)

What an absolutely lovely and thoughtful gift that MJ made for you. That is very special :o)

Have a great weekend Denise!

Crystal said...

OH WOW, where does one start commenting on a post like this. First and most important I think, I love your new pillow seeing it and reading it brought tears to my eyes. Stitchy friends are the best. Love your new LK start and your hearts and diamonds looks so delicate, going to have to add it to my to do list. You are looking very organized lately, you can come help me anytime. Enjoy all your goodies from CalamityJr

Cath said...

What a beautiful gift .
Love all your stitching . Have a good weekend . XXX

Topcho said...

Really great girfts, touching and thoughtful :) And I love your wips!

Carol said...

What a truly sweet and thoughtful gift from Mary Jane--really very touching. I can see why you cried, Denise. Blogging friends are treasures...

Enjoy all your other goodies--it is obvious that Bridget is enjoying hers. And I'm so impressed with your organization!

Take care now...

Karen said...

What a wonderful gesture from your friend. You certainly got some great goodies and the pillow is just precious.

happy stitching....

Jules said...

Fabulous box o' surprises, especially the one to hug! Very sweet!! And your WIPs are looking great!

gracie said...

Hard to top your post with any is all spectacular!

Daffycat said...

Ooooo, I was just looking at boxes like those today. The skinny/flat ones were called "document" boxes. I was thinking they would be fab to store charts in.

Awwwww, the pillow Mary Jane made is wonderful. *sniff*

Lisa V said...

OMG, I have tears rolling down my cheeks right now. Also because my Grandad's name is James and everyone called him Jim and I lost him going on 6 years this May. What a beautiful gift to treasure.

Paula said...

ALl I can say is . . .a-w-w-w-w-w-w-w . . how sweet.

Now, hum . . . my stuff from Lyssa never made it. Wonder what happened to it?

Catherine said...

Great stitches and arranging!

What a touching and thoughtful gift! A treasure for always!

Faye said...

I am sitting here crying in disbelief that you have this wonderful pillow to always cherish from such a wonderful

Happy tears for you!!!!!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

How Lucky are you to have an extra Hug at your side. Congratulations to MJ for all of her thoughtful goodies. I can't think of a nicer person to have received such a lovely box of treasures.
as always

natalyK said...

What a wonderful friend you have found! Thank you for sharing such a touching post!

Kttycat said...

That was just too sweet of her. That pillow is just perfect!

Stitching Noni said...

Denise, what a lucky girl you are. The gifts are so wonderful - I really love the huggy pillow - just what you need :-)

Your stitching is lovely to look at.