Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Progess

Not much progress - but I am stitching again!

Snowman Photobooth
32 ct linen included in kit
Recommended floss

Hearts and Diamonds
40 ct Newcastle Summer Khaki
DMC floss
Ladies, I have come a LONG way in less than a year. When I started blogging last April I stitched on aida almost exclusively. Now, all linen and even weave. I have a few projects (Mystic  Stitch) that require the strength of aida - but everything else is linen! And the 40 ct is the highest count I have attempted.
Hearts and Diamonds will be March's RAK. Shh, no I have not finish finished February! It's in the drawer. I have a few more projects to get together before I pull out the sewing machine.

Well, it is officially the weekend! DS is spending the night away tomorrow night. And next weekend he leaves at 6:30 am Friday and will return Sunday afternoon. That is his RYLA weekend. I hope he has a great time.

And us... no ideas what we might do tomorrow and Sunday. Maybe I will have to think of something.

Talk soon - Denise


Faye said...

Good for you Denise!!! I have really seen you blossom in your stitching projects...You should be prouD!!! Faye

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

gee, let me guess what you two will do..... I agree with using even weaves and saving the Aida for solid stitching projects, like HAED's and Mystic's.
I hope you enjoy your weekend.
As always

Parsley said...

I'm totally loving your snowman project but that teeny tiny stitching you are doing...wowza!

gracie said...

The snowmen are adorable...nice job...enjoy your weekend...

Paula said...

Hearts and Diamonds . . . what an interesting take on blackwork . . I was thinking about it, and got side-tracked with another Christmas ornament.

So, shall live vicariously through you :0}

Topcho said...

Lovely progress! Showmen are so cute!

Marlene said...

Glad to see your stitching again. Weekend without children, wow, enjoy yourselves, the time will rush by.

Pumpkin said...

Great work!

Woohoo! We converted you ;o) Yes, I am a linen/evenweave snob. LOL!