Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I've been seeing Santa a lot lately!

 And he looks like my mailman! Silly, I never thought he looked quiet like that.

Now, not everything he has brought me has been for Christmas but, his timing is impeccable! Except for the connecting flight from England. Not sure what happened there but some magazines that were shipped out from England nearly a month ago -- have been stolen by the elves! I'm thinking since elves can only work at three places (for Santa, in a tree (Keebler), or at a shoe store) maybe they weren't Santa's regular elves that lost the magazines.
 So, what have I received? Alyssa had her month long Christmastime Give Away recently and I won not one but two days! (lucky me!) And just a few days ago I got the 2nd win!

LHN's Snow White with the fabric I plan stitching it on -
A hand dyed 14ct aida

On the left my first win from Alyssa - November Twirls!
The center pattern and card are from Pumpkin!
This picture shows a thank-you pattern from Pumpkin. Do you remember my give away in October? She was one of my winners. So, she sent me a pattern as way of thank-you along in my Christmas card. (Thank you Pumpkin for the pattern!) I now have an original photo of hers! I plan to frame the pic after the holidays! I started to show the card - but it is her photo and her copyright - not mine. But, believe me when I say - gorgeous!

And this brings me to yesterday... DH met the mailman (Santa for real this time) and brought in a package. I thought it might be those magazines. It wasn't --- It was a BOX! From Canada?!? Hmmm, what, who, how, why? OOOOHHHH JAYNE!

The Christmas Card ~
Can you see the handwritten "in Ohio" under Let It Snow?

The Santa Key ~
hanging on my tree until the 24th!

 A beautiful pair of scissors with a fob made by Jayne (it also has a tiny Maple leaf charm!), a Snowman holding a snowbaby (it's laying down for the photo and doesn't show well - oops!), some wonderfully satin hand lotion, and a pair of Olympic gloves!

And Soap Box Winter that she stitched for me!!!
This pic does NOT do this piece justice! It's perfectly stitched and finished! It has our names and date written on the back. Now it hangs in the living room - later it will be in the stitching room with me through spring! 

I would like to publicly thank all three of you for sending me such lovely things! I must have been good this year!!!

I just looked at the clock at realized I have 2 hours until I have to go to the dentist. :(
Used to love getting my teeth cleaned. But, several years ago I had to cancel my appointment (happened to be going away for the week) and never rescheduled. See, I just didn't like my dentist. The hygienist was great but the dentist would fly through and barely acknowledged I was in the chair. Geez, buddy at least look at the chart and call me by name and don't talk about other patients in front of me! Anyway, I put off going, and put it off some more. A year passed, and another, and soon I just forgot about going. Here we are at least 5 years (and probably closer to 7) down the road. I know, I know - hush! And I have a sore tooth. Are we surprised? DUH!?!?! I made an appointment yesterday and here we are. Dreading - DREADING - the results of not going. Can we have another PSA here? Go to the dentist!!!

Okay, rant over. Just do me a favor and say a little prayer for stupid old me - thank-you!

Since this is the 21st and I have not been posting like a good little girl should this will probably be my last post before Christmas. Thank you all for stopping by my little spot in bloggerville. I appreciate all the comments you leave. I really do read them although you'd never know by my lack of response!

Merry Christmas!

ps - I wanted to tell the story about those gloves and getting what you wish for. Last year when watching the Olympics, I saw the Canadian gloves and so wanted a pair. But, I didn't know anyone in Canada that could get me some. The Olympics came and went and the thought of the gloves went away. I might see a pic here or there since and I would always tell myself - I would really like a pair of them. Imagine my complete and utter surprise when I opened Jayne's box to see my pair of red Maple leaf Olympic gloves! I told DH I'd always wanted a pair and he looked at me sideways and asked, "Really?" He might not have known but God did.


Pumpkin said...

Gee, Santa sure has found your house ;o) I'm happy to be included in your group of friends who have sent you stuff. Thank you for the wonderful comment on my photo. I'll post a picture of it on my Blog on Christmas, how's that? LOL!

Jayne definitely read your mind then! Those gloves are very popular!

Good luck at the dentist. Maybe it won't be as bad as you think it will be if you've made it out to be really bad to begin with. Follow me? ROFL!

Parsley said...

I feel all Christmasy now. Great post.

Stitchy Mc Floss said...
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stitcheranon said...

Happy Christmas and I hope you have a lovely new year xx Good luck at the dentist lol

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

You have no idea how much fun that was and as far as the PSA... when at the dentist, simply tell him you would like to reach out to him,,, and when he jabbs you with the cleaner, you squeeze really really really tight, He will pull that TOOL away faster than you can say toothfairy. Hope all is well and you don't come out down in the mouth. ok ok. I'll stop.
I am so happy you were surprised, coz that's half the fun.
As Always Denise and a Merry HO HO to your and yours.
Be always in stitches

gracie said...

Your Santa mailman is pretty good, but the elves need to be taught a lesson! Wonderful gifts. I had a friend who went to the Olympics and sent me a pair of the mittens...imagine, to me here in Arizona! I love how they glow in the dark!

Jules said...

Very cool surprise from Jayne! Have a great Christmas and a wonderful ringing in of 2011.

Jane said...

Lovely post Denise and you really have been a very good girl (apart from skipping the Denitist's chair and from my past couple of months ordeal who can blame you!) ~ good luck!
When I left England last week the postal service was still in chaos due to the recent snow and has it has snowed there again last week I hear it is even worse so don't give up hope the elves may complete their job yet!

Cindy's Stitching said...

What nice gifts. Merry Christmas