Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's snowing again...

I have a feeling this winter might be an ugly one. Last year we had snow on the ground from the weekend of Thanksgiving clear through late February. This year, the snow fell on the 28th of November and it's still there.

The temps seem to be getting silly too. I saw on the Weather Channel that our high temp next Monday and Tuesday will be 17F (-8C). That's January cold.

And this has me in a funk. I normally love winter. I like cold. Or, I should say liked. This winter (and we still have 13 days until it officially arrives) the cold seems to be seeping into my bones. I'm wearing sweaters, socks, my 'Donkey' slippers, and a blanket.

Maybe I should go play with my stash. I seem to be in a funk about stitching too. This stitching Halloween things during Christmas season -- it's throwing me off. I'm not feeling anymore Christmas things either. So, what's next then - spring??

Am I getting pre-Christmas depression? Why? Everything is done and the holidays are set. Cards are mailed. Why am I guessing everything but the 8 ton elephant in the room? It's the job.

There's nothing great to report from my little corner of bloggerville. I don't see myself joining the SAL that has you doing 15 projects in January or Jayne's finish 15 UFO's in January. I doubt I will join this years TUSAL. So, what goals should I set?


1.) I would like to finish Colorful Sky by Mystic Stitch
2.) Stitch at least 2 items per month.
3.) Make and finish the 3 LHN ornies I have.
4.) Go to the 2 retreats I have in mind.
5.) Get my passport so I can visit this friend I have in Ontario.
6.) Meet at least one more blogging buddy in 2011.
7.) Consider taking the bobbin lace class in Canton.
8.) Start going to the Wednesday evening stitch group.
9.) Frame/finish 1 item per month.
10.) get more involved in bloggerville.

Should I have saved this for my New Year's resolutions? Perhaps. Seems I am always thinking too far ahead.

But, thinking about that list has lifted my spirits. Makes me want to kit things up. That leads me to wonder if I shouldn't join that 15 project thing. Think I'll go play and see what I come up with.

Oh, before I forget...someone asked if knowing my Christmas present or seeing it sit under the tree wouldn't drive me crazy. The answer - no. What drives me insane is surprises. If I know DH got me something and he refuses to tell --- I'm beyond peeved. I get *&(*&*&#% mad. If it is a present under the tree - I better know what it is or I will be peeking.

Thank you for letting me ramble. I read all of your comments (I just fail miserably at getting back to you) and I appreciate every one of them. You take time out of your lives to see what nonsense I might be doing. Thanks guys!

Until Friday when I get to show the surprising amount I have done on TTT. I'm kind of proud of myself.

TTFN - Denise


Cindy's Stitching said...

I hate the winter. I like the sun and warm seasons. I do get in a funk. The season seeps my energy and I really have to focus to get things done in the winter. I won't be joining the 15 projects either. i usually do more then that in a year. I don't want pressure and it is my hobby. I have enough pressure in my life. I do already have my New Year's Resolution for next year and will be posting on my blog come the new year. It is one that will be quite surprising. Merry Chirstmas and happy stitching.

Terry said...

Hope things get better for you soon. Winter time blues are the worst. lol We are having our cold spell here in sunny and normally warm Florida at this time too. It is supposed to get up in teh 60's tomorrow. Would you like me to send the warmer temps and sun your way???

I still haven't gotten my Chrismas decorations up but they are in the house now instead of the attic. lol I will be putting them up on Saturday and doing the cards shortly thereafter. lol

Have a better week and I hope you get warm soon!!

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

I like your list. Sounds great. I can't wait to see your update. Go play in your stash, that will make you feel better. :)

gracie said...

You may not be joining us Crazies, but you have set some goals...I like your list. I used to get grumpy when I was still living in RI during the winter...the snow, cold and driving in the stuff. winters here are ok so I am a lot less grumpy during the a matter of fact, the seasons for me are flipped. I finished the decorations( not as many as in the past) but still have cards to do. Still waiting for a few new friends from the blogs to send me snail addresses. I love sending cards!

Pumpkin said...

LOL! I'm sorry to say but no snow here in NS ;o) Going to be mild early next week. We've hardly had temps in the minus range. Woohoo!

You need to dig out a Christmas project :o)

Boy, you are ahead on your goals for 2011! I've been thinking about mine but haven't put them to paper yet.

Barb said...

Boy, I certainly know what you mean about the cold seeping into your bones. I told DH the other day that I didn't think I would ever get warm! Your goals are good. The 15 projects thing is not for me either. Which retreats are you thinking about doing?

Anonymous said...

*gasp* You PEEK?!! Shamey, shamey!! :P

Diane said...

I can relate. My job is sucking the life out of me, too. And the joy. It's tough to get into the holiday spirit when things are like this. :(

Paula said...

You evil little elf . . having to know what is in the box.

There is a box on the dining room table and a bag from Penny'se, I am th I believe, on the rocker that the husband ordered for me for Christmas and it doesn't bother me at all. I pass them both hundreds . . thousands . . millions . . . billions . . . now I am getting carried away, but you get my drift . . .a day and don't even think about them.

But, then again, I am the little girl who would tell Santa what se wanted and when he asked if there was anything else, I would always say, "and lots and lots of surprises!"

I dearly love the surprises at Christmas . . . wrap a pencil in a box and I am TOTALLY excited . . . I know . . TOO WEIRD!


\0/ paula