Friday, December 31, 2010

The Elves Finally Came Through ...

Those English Elves and the US Elves must have gotten over their contract issues with Santa! Because the magazines from the UK made it! OMG - the patterns! How do you pick what to stitch first? The UK patterns seem so soft, fuzzy, and warm! I need to take some pictures to show you what I plan to add to my stitchy list. But, it is way too early to dig out the camera for a bad photo. Hopefully, Mr Sun will come out today and then I will take those pictures. Marlene - thank you for sending these to me. I can see hours of fun! Woohoo!

I've been in a funky/grumpy mood of late. At first I thought is was the let down from the holidays. Or maybe just tired from work and the holidays. Then there has been the lack of stitching. Not sitting with my daylight lamp could be part of it. I've never before been problemed with SAD - but there is always a first time. But, honestly, I think I have been grinding about something said to me. It hurt and for some reason - I'm not letting it go as quickly as I should. And this thought brings me to a resolution for 2011.

Normally, I don't do resolutions because they just don't work for me. I've already listed my stitchy goals for 2011 and looking back at that post - I think I am NUTS! Why put that kind of pressure on myself for something I enjoy? I will burn myself out. As for the challenges - I'm sure none of you will smack my hands for not completing every project I listed. So here I am even before the New Year arrives - changing my mind about HAVING to do 30+ projects. I'll get to what I get to!

And the other resolutions?
~ Be a duck. Let what others say to me roll off my back. If it is offensive, unkind, or just not nice - let it roll away. That would be their problem not mine.
~ Be a bear. Get more sleep. Hibernate if needed! Quit taking on too much.
~ Be a bird. Eat like a bird. (yeah, I know most eat more than their body weight per day but you get the idea!)
~ Be a turtle. Slow and steady wins the race. I'm not 20 anymore. Fast and flash are not my style anyway!
~ Be a jitterbug. Get up and move/exercise. Have fun with it!

So, when I tell my hubby I plan to be an animal this year -- do you think this is what he'll have in mind?

To All of you ~ Thank-you for making my first 8 months of blogging a wonderful experience. If no one tells you this today - hear it here first - you are a great bunch of women with hearts of gold! Please be safe tonight and have an awesome time.

Here's to 2011 - may your health, wealth, and happiness be where you want them to be. And to another year of us blogging and stitching with few visits from the frogs!

Salute - Denise


rosek1870 said...

I love your resolutions. I don't make them either but I may borrow yours! Also your list of what you want to do next year I wouldn't worry I told a group on my favorite forum (on what I wanted to do for our stitch a long and it's been a week and I have already changed my mind. Have a wonderful 2011. (I hope you got my Christmas card. I wrote them all and before I could mail our house was robbed and somehow the pile I mailed jsut didn't look large enough.)

gracie said...

You go girl! I think we should all adopt your animal list! I am also (3 months) a new blogger who has enjoyed meeting some wonderful people and sharing great ideas and support. Sending good wishes to your home from mine....see you in 2011.

Parsley said...

HAHA I love your 'animal' resolutions!

I'm going to be one of my dogs...they have the life. LOL

But seriously...I've not made resolutions. I've chosen a word to guide my year. (today's post will explain)

stitcheranon said...

Happy New Year xxxxxx

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Now Denise, you know that people say things the way they do simply because of what is going on in their world, not because of anything you have said or done...Let it roll Baby roll...
I can only imagine what your dear hubby is thinking regarding you becoming an animial...I sure know what Leroy would think if I came out with that one.....nudge nudge...and that is why I stitch, lol
Cheers to you and yours for this evening and many more to follow in 2011. May all of your dreams and stitches come through.
As always my friend

Kttycat said...

Your animal resolutions are awesome! Good luck with them!

Cath said...

Happy New Year Denise . I agree about not putting pressure on with something that is supposed to be a pleasure . Love your animal resolutions . XXX

Catherine said...

I think I'll make an animal resolution too! LOVE IT!

Here's to much love, happiness and stitchiness in 2011!

Paula said...


Tonight, I start back on my Cross Stitch Christmas Card ornaments for 2011. I have 1 done and 1 almost done . . only 58 1/2 to go.


Marlene said...

My animal would be my cat, Grace, she eats,sleeps and has her time most of the day. But i do like your animals, I might just nick a couple.
Hope you enjoyed your meal last night.
Our party went well. xxxx

♥ Nia said...

LOL!! I love your resolutions! hahahah I need to learn how to be a duck too ;)
Happy New Year!!! ƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ʃ*

Barb said...

I love your a duck, be a bear, etc. That is so cute! I try not to write resolutions down, I think that maybe dooms them from the start. And we put up the tree about 2 weeks before Christmas (live tree) and I take it down about 2 weeks after. I'm never in a hurry about it since I love the lights.

Pumpkin said...

ROFL!!!! I really love those resolutions :o) Very unique girl!