Thursday, November 11, 2010

Your Wish is My Command!

These are pictures from March 2010. We had over 12" in a snow storm that lasted just one night and into the morning.

Looking towards the river

Our neighbors trees. This is my absolute favorite picture I have ever taken!

More of their trees!

After the storm passed. Maybe 6 hours from the first picture.
But, I'm not ready for this yet! Maybe on Christmas Morning. If it does snow like this again - you are all invited to bring your favorite sled and come to the house. We'll sled ride, have hot cocoa with warm bread and butter. I might even find a pound cake with raspberry syrup. 
Smiles - Denise


♥ Nia said...

oh! Beautiful scenes!!!
I love the 3rd picture! Amazing! :D

Pumpkin said...

Denise! How DARE you say the S word!!!! Shame on you ;o)

Paula said...

No syrup, please . . . .. I don't want to stain my stitching . . . he he he he he

\0/ paula

tortagialla said...

Lovely photos...I know what you mean because snow is beautiful and the trees and everything, but then again the storm and having to do practical things doesn't work out either! haha...

Marlene said...

Done deal, watching your weather forecaste, here in UK, there has been snow in Scotland, it has not lasted but it's early this year, fingers crossed for us we had snow early this year, would like it again!!

Kttycat said...

I'm getting my sled!