Friday, November 5, 2010


First, thank-you to all who commented and sent email! Didn't mean to scare anyone. Someone close to me had their marriage come off the rails and needed me to be there while they started the recovery process. She is a strong woman - stronger than she realizes. In all honesty we were all surprised at what happened yesterday and now she is dealing with the new life that lies before her. She is keeping a level head and the kids are her priority. So, any well wishes or prayers you say for her will be appreciated!

Now, on to the regularly scheduled program!

This is Courtney's Christmas present. She is a bit morbid and this is PERFECT for her. And I - can not keep Christmas secrets at all! It is just another thing that is beyond me! Plus, she has seen it! Keep this fabric in mind for later - ok?

I managed to work on Logan's Christmas stitch too. I have no idea if you can tell by the photos that I did anything.

Before -

And After -

Every stitch counts! I missed his birthday in September and Christmas isn't looking so hot either. I need you guys to hold me accountable! Push, email, comment, nag! Anything to guilt me into getting in gear! Because I am starting my SAL this weekend!

My fabric -

I got this fabric yesterday. It's not hand dyed and it's not the 'correct' color. But, I like it! Here's the story. I ordered everything from a LNS. I was promised the orders to go out that week. Four plus weeks later - and my fabric is now back ordered (I was told last week she already ordered it and then she turned to an employee and told them that she still hadn't ordered it) My floss arrived three days after she ordered it. But, 4 weeks after she told me she ordered it. And I ordered two patterns. And there were two put with my order the she sold one out from under me! So, I moved on. The tin roof fabric from the Primitive Needle project is what I ordered. It feels odd in my hands. My hands aren't the smoothest this time of the year and is catching on the cloth. Hand lotion be damned - cardboard sucks the moisture from skin worse than the colder air!
Courtney's fabric (with my pattern) -

Let's just go with Courtney has her supplies. But, she'll have to wait on me to finish mine first. That's great with her because even though she wants to start - she can't. Going to school full time, working 30 hrs a week, the boyfriend, dog, and all general household duties there's just no time -- Maybe she'll start this in the summer! 

Since, I went to another LNS for just my fabric - I felt guilty. So, I HAD to buy something else. I know, I know - what about that promise to stop buying stash?? Oh please, even my husband knew that was a joke as I said it. I have to impulse control of a gnat! And seriously ladies - did you really think I could do that?

So, being somewhat restrained I got -

Only two extra patterns! A bit more floss for Courtney and my fabric! And I got another stupid black bird! One the ornie - I am going to design my own bird and stitch it instead of the charm. Well, that's the plan!

Are you still out there? Do I hear crickets? Sorry, this turned out to be a book!
Hey, you can come back now - I stopped talking. Hello - anyone out there? Hello?

Well, I guess those that bailed on this post won't hear that I'm thinking about another give away. I am nearing 100 followers and that begs for something good. Natalie (astitchintime) gave away a gift certificate. I'm thinking I just might do that too. Although, the shopping for extras was fun! I don't know...

While I'm thinking about this I want you to enjoy your weekend! Give that spouse or special loved one an extra hug and tell them how much they mean to you.

Thank-you for listening to me and being there for me! I might never meet you in real life - but you still mean the world to me! (cue the sappy music - thank-you for being a friend)

Smiles - Denise


Tina said...

Beautiful stitching as always....more beautiful patterns and cool fabric...what more do you need?

CalamityJr said...

I love Courtney's fabric; hmmm - wonder what I would want to stitch on that?? Thanks for sharing about yor friend. I didn't want to intrude and ask since you obviously were keeping quiet, but I was concerned about you! And I do see the progress on Grace. I think you'll be ready for Christmas if yo keep up with just those small steps - but often!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

I know what you need. A trip to Southern Ontario. There, that's the ticket. Love the extra stash, everyone needs more and there is nothing anyone can do about it.
As always
Be always in stitches.

Deb said...

You know that every stitch counts, right? I can see your progress Logan's piece. It does look like a lot of work!! And I love the piece that you're stitching for Courtney! That's so funny that you can't keep it a secret, but sometimes I get like that too! She'll love it either way - surprise or not.

Sounds like shady business with that LNS. I had that happen to me once and I never went back to them. There are too many other shops that would welcome the business. I like both yours and Courtney's fabrics. It will be fun to do a comparison when they're both stitched.

Cath said...

Hope things work out for your friend . Love your new start , just keep at the other one , even if you only do one thread a day .

Anonymous said...

I love that orange fabric! What a great idea for the Trick piece! My piece of Tin Roof is really soft...I wonder why yours is stiff? I have had my share of issues with my LNS. I don't use anyone but major storefronts now, like 123stitch, ABC or Elegant Stitch to name a few. I know I'll always get what I need from them. No loyalty here! Ha!
I'm sorry about your friend. :( I have had friends in that situation as well, where from one day to the next, things were revealed that destroyed everything. It's so sad.

Congrats on all your followers!!

Karen said... have a lot going on. I don't think I would be patronizing that LNS again...sounds like they are doing just fine without your business if they don't have to order your stuff!

I love the Prairie Moon design...can't wait to see your start on that one.

Paula said...

Oh Great! AS I was reading I thought of a question I wanted to ask . . or a comment I wanted to make . . but, like a bird, it flew right out of the mind!

Oh, I just remembered, what does Courtney's sampler say?

\0/ paula

Paula said...

I remember the other thing . . .when I 1st started crocheting again I asked the women in a Yahoo group who had been crocheting for years, what was a goos lotion for dry hands . . . . the winner, Suave's Hand Loation with Oatmeal . .or maybe Oatmeal Lotion . . I can't remember. . .but it was by Suave and it did have Oatmeal in the title.

The only place I can find it is at WalMart, but after 1 or 2 days of using it, my hands, and cuticles, are so much softer.

Try it and see . . .and it doesn't take 10,000 applications to work.

\0/ paula . . again

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

I can see your progress. Keep at it. I hope things get calmer for you soon. Sending out prayers. :)

Kttycat said...

Lol glad i'm not the only one that can't keep promises when it comes to stitchy stash! Can't wait to see you and Crystal start on your big projects.

Pumpkin said...

A friend of mine just went through that last year. A huge surprise but she is much stronger than she thought. Hope things go well for your friend.

Your WIPs are coming along nicely :o) That really sucks about your fabric though! I would have been livid and wouldn't feel bad about going to another LNS. Although using that as an excuse to buy more stash is okay ;o) LOL!