Friday, November 26, 2010

So many titles would fit this post...

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all of those in the US! I hope your day was filled with wonderful food, thoughts, and family!

Alivia was cold the other day and her Mommy thought a hat would help. It did --- but it made her look like this ~
The Mafia Princess
I thought the Soprano's might be around to collect their lost lamb!

This is what my Thanksgiving looked like ~

A Redneck Thanksgiving
We had deep fried turkey. I am not a fan of peanut oil so we also had chicken. It was raining - so safety first. Don't want the oil/flame to be disturbed! At least he kept it out of the garage! I can only imagine what the people thought as they drove past the house. But, with my husband - it was normal.

~~ Side note about the husband ~~ One year his mom had cleaned out her yard prior to the 4th of July. The weeds and shrubbery were still 'green'. We were having a large bonfire for the 4th and DH decided to add her trimmings to the fire. The fire smoked and hissed and smoked some more. A LOT MORE! There was so much smoke crossing the bridge - visibility was zero. People across the river were coming out of the nursing home wanting to know if they should evacuate. The neighbor boy ran over to see if the house was on fire. We couldn't see him but, we heard, "No Mom, the house isn't on fire. It's just Rob!"
So that, my friends, is how it goes at my house. If it's more redneck than PC - blame my husband!

Otherwise, the food came out pretty well. Everything was finished at roughly the same time. No one went home with food poisoning. And we were stuffed. To me - that is a successful holiday! 

This afternoon the daughter and I are off shopping. Trying to find her boyfriend something for Christmas. I need to pick up another frame (didn't like the other one), some magazines for a friend, some ornaments for DD, and check my start time for Monday morning. Last I heard - I start work at 4:15am. Tis the season and such!

I am ashamed to show my progress on TTT. I have an excuse - really!

Measly progress this week!

Here's my excuse ~
Mystic Stitch
14 ct white Aida
DMC floss
240 x 190
Hot off the needle at 7:18 this morning! Done, done, done! Come join me in my happy dance! He looks so good in the picture. After seeing him up close for so long - it's nice to have some prospective!

Tomorrow we are putting up our Christmas tree. If you hear screaming and cursing from my direction - please ignore it. I find it rather stressful some years and I'm not sure how this year will turn out.

Hope your weekend is everything you want it to be! (and warm if you are lucky!)
Smiles - Denise


Cath said...

Totally amazing finish . Well Done XXX

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Oh how Grace is gorgeous Denise. Way to go,you did it...and your just a dancing fool I bet. Glad your meal turned out well and I love the Yellow umbrella! I don't think the mafia will have anything to do with the pinkness of the tiny lamb but how cute. Have a great day shopping and putting up the tree.
As always

Lee said...

You did it, you did it! Congrats on a great finish! That's one amazing project. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Rest up well before the onslaught begins!

Carol said...

Congratulations on finishing up Grace, Denise--that is one amazing piece!

Enjoy your weekend--I'd love to get my tree up, but since I'm working tomorrow it will have to wait until next weekend...

Lyssa said...

Congrats on your finish :) Its beautiful! I'd be happy dancing as well had I finished such a big finish, I mean I happy dance of a Lizzie Kate Snippit lol. Glad you had a good thanksgiving and your story about your hubby sure gave me a chuckle, it seems something my husband might do. Good luck with the tree! I cuss at mine every year lol

CalamityJr said...

Wow! Grace popped up in your finished sidebar section and I thought you hadn't shared your happy dance - then I scrolled down farther, and you were out of the doghouse. Wonderful job; can't way to see how you frame him.

Gatherings at your house sure sound fun! (Yes, Dad, I should have said surely. But it sounds so stuffy!)

Good luck with your tree. Just put on some great Christmas music (I know, music is my answer for everything), and have the drink my daughter told us about last night - peppermint schnapps and Godiva chocolate liquor (isn't there a fancier spelling for lee-kor that doesn't look like the spelling for lik-ker?!?) Howe3ver you do it, enjoy!

Natasha said...

Oh my Grace turned out just beautiful! I thought I saw smoke coming from the midwest, thought it was your Turkey, but I guess it was just your needle :)

Oh boy you are way braver than I to go out into that madness called Black Friday. I am suppose to be at work at 12 today but feeling very under the weather and trying to call in, we will see how that goes LOL yes tis' the season

Take care and hope you and your daughtewr find what you are looking for. Alivia is a doll looks like a little burritto.
Take Care

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Ahhhh she is so cute in her pink little hat. So sweet.

Grace is just awesome. What a great job you did. It’s beautiful.

Love the redneck cooking. Just remember there is only one rule to redneck Cooking:

Never, and I mean never deep fry necked!

Jane said...

I'm happy dancing with you Denise, congrats on completing a major piece, it really is beautiful.
And talking of beautiful ~ gorgeous pic of little Alivia, sooooo sweet, why can't mine be cute, pink and peaceful anymore (probably because 2 of them are boys!!!)
Belated thanksgiving wishes, glad it all went well and everywell had full bellies xxxx

Kttycat said...

Yay *joins in the happy dance* Grace looks awesome! I've always wanted to try a deep fried turkey! I just brine mine and roast in the oven. Hope you had some fun shopping I did some this morning with all the crazies, it was fun. I will also be putting my tree up tonight! Hope mine will go smoothly this year. Hope your not stressing too much about it.

Anonymous said...

I love Grace! It reminds me of the picture at grandma's house. :) I still can't believe you took that picture of Alivia, haha, she looks like a little fu fu thug! Hope shopping is going well! See ya tonight!!

Paula said...

I read your comments about the smoke bonfire to the husband . . . . he isn't one to laugh out loud much, but this brought out the laughs.

Grace looks beautiful.


Marlene said...

Great news with Grace, I had a dance for you, and it looks wonderful. Glad the meal went well, and I hope you enjoyed your shopping. My tree goes up next weekend, so we are in the season to be jolly.

xeyedmary said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog! I'm glad your Thanksgiving was successful- your husband sounds a hoot! (I'll confess to a slight tendency towards pyromania myself!LOL)The baby is adorable-love the hat!
"Grace" is stunning- congratulations on a "job" well done!

Crystal said...

Oh I'm so excited for you on you finish of Grace, I bet your still happy dancing. Awesome work on TTT it is looking great.

Pumpkin said...

OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! I can't believe you're done!!!! You must be SOOOOOO happy :o) Grace looks just stunning and you should be proud. Definitely a good excuse why your sampler got put on the back burner.

ROFL! When I read that you deep fried your 'chicken' I had to laugh because it reminded me of the insurance company commercial on television explaining how many houses caught fire last Thanksgiving when people did this. Thankfully you did it outside ;o)

Glad to hear that you had a lovely Thanksgiving.