Friday, November 12, 2010

SAL Update and Other Progress

 I'm loving this project. The fabric is beyond wonderful - So very happy I went with it! And the Splendor silk -- yummy! Can't wait to see Crystal's progress!  
This weeks progress on my SAL with Crystal

Remember the BBD I talked about re-designing for my needs? This is it. It was to be all black - I colorized it. Not sure how well the brown letters fit in. I have the purple border to go on the top and bottom and of course the pumpkin on the left.
Waiting for the Harvest - BBD
misc 28ct linen
Crescent Colors floss

And poor Grace -- I haven't touched it in three days! Tomorrow or yet tonight! I had hoped to finish pg 15 this week. I might have gotten half way there - sigh!
See the stitching on the right - that's this week.
 Sorry about the snowy pics last night. Oops - sorry Pumpkin I said the 's' word again. And Jayne - I know you meant this winter but I couldn't resist. 

Well everyone, the shopping trip was a success - Garin got new tennis shoes and lined snow (oops - sorry again Pumpkin)boots. BOGO half off!

It's time for dinner - NOTHING even sounds good. Fast food, pizza, mac and cheese? Does chocolate count? Cookies? Cake or brownies? This time change has just sent my cooking mojo all wonky.

Here's to your weekend - may it bring all pleasant things to you!
Smiles - Denise


jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

That's ok Denise, I am sure you will have lots of &*$> this year so better clear off the memory from last winter and get your shovels out and all polished up.

Your stitching is coming along beautifully Girl.
As always
Be always in stitches.

Deb said...

I think that chocolate definitely counts. It's like a go-to food when nothing else sounds good! Your Prairie Moon piece is coming along great, and I think that I really like the brown in the BBD piece - I like the variation of color! And good grief woman, your Grace piece - is that a HAED or one of those crazy designs. I can't even imagine. It looks wonderful, but that's a lot of confetti stitching isn't it? I have a friend that does those and she's tried to get me to go to the dark side and I've refused. But I give you tons of kudos for doing something like that!

Paula said...

Supper here . . . for the hubby, a chicken sandwich . . for me, apple pie with cheddar cheese . . and now, we are having a late night snack or Boy Scouts Camel Corn.

Sometime, you just gotta do what ya gotta do . . . LOLOL

TIME CHANGE . . . .BLAST whomever decided to come up with such an horrendous idea. Daylight until 11 in the summer and dark at 5 in the winter . . . .no way for a human being to live :9{

\0/ paula

Marlene said...

two pairs of shoes you are such a push over, hope you enjoyed your meal whatever you had, chocolate sounds about right to me, followed by cheese and biscuits,

staci said...

Beautiful stitching progress!

Paula said...

By the way . . .why can I not tell what you are making from looking at the pix?

I get SO CONFUSED sometimes {0}

\0/ paula

PS . . I have been on an eBay buying spree for X-stitch. . .I am getting ready to head back into 100 blessings territory.

Pumpkin said...

ROFL! I'll forgive you for saying the S word Denise ;o)

Great progress pics! Maybe you need someone behind you with a whip to get going on Grace some more :oP