Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday Progress -- One day late!

It's not my fault! (Sound like a teenager saying that don't I?) Well - really, it's not. Sometimes life just changes your plans in mid-stride. Yesterday my sister's FIL was hit head-on by someone who was distracted. The driver of the other vehicle turned to look back at her young child and went left of center hitting Andy's van causing both vehicles to be totalled. Both drivers were life flighted. Both passengers walked away with minor injuries. Andy had surgery to 'fix' his ankle. The heel bone and all ankle bones were rammed up into his lower leg. He has some broken/cracked ribs and a concussion. The other driver broke both femurs and had many other injuries that at this point I can't remember. So, I got Garin and Alivia for the day while Mom and Dad went to check on Grandpa.

My plans -- out the window. I would like to stop and say to all mothers of young children who stitch -- bless you! I didn't come close to doing the stitching I had hoped. How you do this every day - I have no idea!

What did I complete, my napkins for Thanksgiving. I got napkin rings on sale at 70% off on Thursday. The fabric for the napkins 50% off! Great deals!

This morning I put the last stitches another project!

Waiting for Harvest
Black Bird Designs (with my modifications)
28ct unknown linen
Crescent Colors Floss

Pumpkins Three - La-D-Da
Made as companion pieces

Thursday was consumed by taking the boy to the dentist, clothing shopping, craft shopping and pizza. We got some great deals on clothing at Plato's Closet. Plato's is a second hand shop in our area. Do you have them near you? If so, and you haven't checked them out. I suggest you do so. We got a never worn tag still on shirt that retailed for $34.50 for $10. A jacket for $10. I got some other clothes for DH and spent on 5 shirts and 1 jacket -- $46. I had also sold some clothing to them getting back $11! Not shabby!

I got a frame and foam core board from Pat Catan's. Then we stopped at Jo-Ann's and got the fabric and napkin rings. But, no stitching happened except at the dentist.

I told you I've been working on Grace.
I hope you can tell the progress I've made this last week!

And then there's my SAL. The poor thing ~ I stitched the border around the witch and it had to come back out. But, after that set back I got back in gear and got some more done. I bet Crystal (Midnight Stitcher) is leaps and bounds further than I am. Have you checked out her progress? She stitches beautifully!

I find it ironic how two people can do the same project and head in completely different ways. She is going more vertical with hers and mine is wherever I meander.

Today's plans include that mountain of laundry that's in my bedroom. I usually do some during the week - haha - didn't happen. DH is in the kitchen now doing dishes. Gotta love the guy! I HAVE to find the dining room table. I am having the whole family in Thursday and I need to get organized. Making noodles today and possibly pumpkin cookies.

I took a floating holiday for Wednesday - that way I can make the desserts and appetizers. If I don't get the cookies made today then that will happen on Tuesday. Friday, DD and I are hitting the stores for some craziness. She has to work until noon. So, we should miss most of the out-of-control people.

I have been talking to some of you about your holiday shopping. I have completed both of my kids plus Garin and Alivia. The rest is about half done. DH is my problem child this year. He has no idea what he wants from Santa!

In case I don't blog before the holiday - Happy Thanksgiving to you all! May your turkey be moist, the potatoes not lumpy, and the desserts be calorie free! Don't eat too much!

Smiles - Denise
ps - with my job - Christmas is our peak volume season. Ship early, pack you boxes well, and be patient with your delivery drivers. I probably won't be around as much as normal. Bear (or is it bare) with me please!


Cath said...

Fantastic progress on Grace. Hope your sisters' FIL recovers well . XXX
Happy Holidays

CalamityJr said...

Your blog tired me out, and I haven't done much besides reading since getting out of bed! Keep us posted on your sister's FIL, please. That had to be extremely painful. As for your stitching, what you did accomplish is beautiful, and Grace is really coming along. Your Friday activity was much more important than anything else, keeping Alivia and Garin at home-away-from-home instead of the hospital, so don't worry about what didn't get done. You're the best!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

oh good Grace, it is coming along nicely. Way to go for the shopping, there's nothing quite like finding a good deal. Funny how those bursted bombs seem to fade when someone is hurt. I sure hope DS's FIL is mending well. Now, for the Thanksgiving Celebrations, I wish you and your family the most wonderful time of your lives. And I Thank you for being my BlogStitchy friend.
As always

Anonymous said...

Well, if we bare with you we will all be nekkid, so let's bear with you instead! ha!

Grace is looking so great, and I LOVE the Pumpkins and the BBD piece. The colors are perfect. :) So sorry to hear about the accident. Things can change so quickly, can't they? Prayers going out to your family.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Natasha said...

I hope your sisters' FIL heals fast. Thankfully it was not life threating.

You have made some GREAT progress on Grace, you go girl :)

Have fun out there on Friday. I will not be among those, I went last year to Tagert at around 10 a.m for one thing a Christmas tree. Got it and got out of there quick LOL

I need to start my holiday baking. The Holidays always seem to sneak up on me.

Take Care

Tina said...

Omg wow talk about progress! Great job! How's the reading? lol

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Ahhhh she is getting so big. And Garin looks so cute, too. I hope GranPa makes it ok and the others, too. Wow, what a horrible thing to happen. Your progress on your stitching is looking great. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving. :) Blessings always.

Siobhan said...

Phew! I'm glad that everybody 'walked' away from the accident with problems that can be easily fixed. Beautiful progress on your stitching! Your Waiting for Harvest is beautiful.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Pumpkin said...

That's terrible!!!! Thank goodness everyone walked away though, even though the injuries sound awful :o(

You sound like a mad woman! LOL! I guess the next month or so you'll be going straight out. Love your new napkins and rings. They'll look great on your table :o)

Congrats on your finish and Grace is growing by leaps and bounds! You should be proud of your progress.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving if I don't type to you before that :o)

Barb said...

So sorry to hear about the accident. Distracted drivers are bad news. DD shops at Plato's closet. She got 5 pairs of jeans last time. Took a long time to try them all on! We haven't had great luck getting rid of stuff there. Maybe they don't want our old Kohl's clothes. I think package delivery is awesome. I never have a problem with any of the companies!