Monday, November 8, 2010

Follow Me - Finished!

I have a gift completed! Yippee!! And my 23rd finish for 2010! Thanks to you guys - I have stitched more this year than any other year to date!

Follow Me - Primitive Needle
30 ct - WDW Tin Roof
Sullivan's Black
Glass glare on this photo. And it seems dark. Sorry - some day I will take a photography class and save you from the bad picture misery!

Many have asked for me to tell my thoughts about Sullivan's Floss. Well, I'm not sure if my difficulties were from the floss or the fabric. My hands were rough and dry while I stitched this project. The fabric caught on the roughness and just in general felt bad in my hands. Today as I framed this - the fabric felt much better. (Wearing gloves at work). I had problems with the floss twisting, looping back on itself, and tangling. Again this could have been my hands not the floss.

What I will say is this about the floss - I was also working Splendor silk as I finished Follow Me - the silk gave me no difficulties. But - then again - that's comparing apples and oranges. Buy a few skeins and see what you think. Sullivan's is cheaper than DMC and matches DMC's colors. It's worth a try. I will be using is again - maybe the second time it will be better.

I'm old! I feel old. I can't stay up all night anymore! This weekend was for a much younger person than me. Friday I got up at 3 am for work. I did take a nap but, it didn't matter much at midnight! That's 21 hours - much too many awake hours for me. Saturday I got up at 8:30 thanks to my sister calling. Ugh! Later Saturday night I ended up having Alivia spend the night. She's 11-12 weeks old. Still not sleeping through the night. Can we see where this is going? I slept on the couch and she slept in her carrier. But - she is the noisiest sleeper I have ever met. Moans, groans, throwing her little arms signaling a touchdown, smacking her lips, and sucking. Umm, sleep was not what I got. She was fine in the morning - I felt like a bus hit me! This is the reason I had my kids 15+ years ago.

I enjoyed my time with Alivia but it was really nice when her mommy came and picked her up. Oh, yes, being an aunt has it's perks! I can see why grandparents always smile when mom and dad arrive!

Were off to hurtle through another week - I hope this week finds you healthy and happy! Smiles - Denise


Crystal said...

Follow Me turned out wonderful. I've never tried Sullivan's floss, I don't think I ever will. Call me paranoid if you must but it is made in China and I have on occasion been known to lick the end of my floss to thread my needle. I just wont take any chances with stuff made in China. Just my thought everyone has there own. Hope you manage to catch up on your sleep, have a great week.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

China is for the dinner table not my needles. LOL Follow Me looks great and I'm in for a cancellation. wooo hooo
Be always in stitches.

Pumpkin said...

Nicely done Denise! Congrats :o)

LOL! I remember when we had Brie (my Miniature Dachshund). She was the noisiest sleeper! Talk about SNORE! She could outdo an old timer any day of the week ;o) It must have been fun having Alivia for a night though.

Jan said...

**smile** Sure hope you get some good rest soon, Denise. I love your finish, it looks great, as does the photograph. We aren't professional photographers, just great stitchers that enjoy sharing their stitching, right?

Love your description of your niece's sleeping, too too cute!

Sharon said...

It's beautiful! Congrats!

Marlene said...

Your stitching looks great, well done with 23 finishes. me I'm a DMC girl, not cheap, but with so many colours in my stash I will stay with them. Hope you have caught up with your sleep.
Marlene xxxxxxxxxxx

Kttycat said...

Hope you can catch up on your sleep. A beautiful finish too!

Ranae said...

The PN looks great framed, Congrats!