Friday, September 10, 2010

Pages 9 and 10 Complete

Here's a crappy picture of my progress ~  

I just can't take pictures. I need a class. Shoot, I need talent too.

Trying to think if I have done anything else worth mentioning...Nope nothing else. Although, with this cool weather -- I hope to make great strides on page 11 this weekend.


Vonna said...

I think that's a LOT of progress! It is going to be gorgeous!

creation said...

hey denise ,
how are you doing .
howz is Alivia and mom doing ,its a good news to read that they are coming home .God bless this lilttle angel of yours .
your sampler is coming out great.a lovely cristmas present , i must say.
have a great weekend

Jules said...

That is looking fantastic!!! One of my favorite paintings and you are stitching it...Love It!

Pumpkin said...

Oh-wow! Congrats on getting this far!