Monday, September 13, 2010

OSU Won!

I'm not going to say it was a pretty win nor I am going to say it was a much deserved win. But, a win is a win! Sorry, it's football time once again and I love to watch college ball! And a few years ago USC had it right - Ohio State is over-rated! BUT, that doesn't stop me from loving every single minute of the game!

And our High School team won - their record is 2-1 and for the first time in years we are off to a winning record!

And how in the world does this fit in to my stitching? How about I was cutting and ironing the fabric for my give away for the first half of the game and after the game I stitched for a few minutes. I did get more stitching done yesterday --- not nearly as much as I would have liked though!

The boy got his braces off this morning! He said his teeth feel naked, large, and smooth. He was impressed with the whiteness! How is it he is now 17 and the braces are gone? He's going to be a man soon. I'm just not any too happy about this! :(

The daughter is having her birthday dinner this Friday evening. She wants chicken parmesan. And of course her b-day cake! The family will be in for the madness. And she will be 20. I am starting to hate September - my babies aren't children any more and I am feeling old.

OMG - my husband is now going through my kitchen drawers counting how many spatulas and wooden spoons I have! I just turned on the Kardashians and Khloe is counting how many spatulas Kris has in her kitchen. Kris has 17 and just bought more at Williams Sonoma! Khloe thinks Kris is a hoarder. So, DH decided to see if I was a hoarder. He asked how many spatulas I have - 7 or 8 I told him. He counted 7. And wooden spoons - 17. Good Golly! Does ANYONE have work for this man to do??? He NEEDS to go back to work and get out of my kitchen!!!!!!

Welcome to my world... this crap happens on an almost daily basis!

Well, I hope your week is off to a banging success! Smiles - Denise


Parsley said...

HEHE I'd ask him to whip up a batch of cookies while he's in there with the spoons and spatulas!

Pumpkin said...

ROFL! DH needs to go back and watch TV ;o)

That's great for DS! I've never had braces so I don't know how it feels but I bet it would be a happy feeling :o)

Happy Birthday to DD!

Paula said...

enough kitchn talk . . I need to make chocolate sheet bars but want to wait until I get a smaller crock pot. Our bigone is just too unweilding (is that the word I want) for me to pick up and pour out of.

Been looking at my sampler . . . am at a stand still. I need to find a pattern of an EAR . . tried akingmy own and hubby7 kind of turnd up his nose at it, so I am at a stand still.

Ii ave 3 Swaps going on at Ravelry right now . . 2 for 12" x 12" squares and one is a Potluck swap. The last one means to make things for a kitchen.

for the Potluck, which has to be mailed by Sept. 20, I have made a filet crochet dishcloth with HD (Harly daavidson) made into it, and now have 4 coasters for Halloween done. Want to make 2 candy corn potholders . . will probably end up with one, WAY to mush crochet9ing for 1 item, and a 1 or 2 Candy Corn, Ghost and Pumpkin glass cozies. Hoping that hen the Potluck items are made I'll go bac to the needle and material :0}


jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

I hear they are looking for men in the army... My DH does this to me all of the time and I just wonder when he will go long haul?
Be always in stitches.

Courtney said...

whats funny is i can see you on the couch writing this with dad in the background counting and the face i imagined was priceless. dad is so funny!!!

trillium said...

Spatulas wear out. I don't have ANY right now! When I cook, there are times when I need several per recipe. I cook quickly and can't stand needing to wash one utensil before I'm done with everything. It slows me down.

I don't have any wooden spoons, but need to get some before making Christmas fudge.