Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jokes We've Played on our Mothers...

Yesterday, at work, a dead mouse came down the belt.

I work at a package handling facility. As they unloaded a semi-truck, some one found a dead mouse in the trailer. It was placed on a package to see our reaction. I'm very proud to say I did NOT scream. I refused to scan the box...the tail was in the way of the tracking number. A co-worker removed the mouse and threw it away.

We started talking about mice. A supervisor told the story of his mother's mice. She collected ceramic mice -- well, all types of mice. She had a display cabinet that stood about 36" (about 1m - Cathey) tall and wide with a glass front in the living room. My supervisor found a dried husk of a mouse and placed it in her cabinet. He waited impatiently for her to find it. Three days later she found it while dusting. This poor woman screamed and threw a fit. Can't blame her a bit. He thought it was quiet funny.

So, I told the story of what I did to my mom when I was about 12.

My dad had horribly stinky feet. HORRIBLE! His shoes did something funky to his feet. And he would take the socks off and put them on the floor beside his chair. And leave them there for days. Mom REFUSED to pick them up and put them in the hamper. She said many times she was his wife not his maid. Ok, background out of the way. I took a pair of those socks that had set on the floor for days and put them in her pillow case. One on each side. And then I waited. She didn't say anything to me but, told Dad her pillow had gone sour. She tossed and flipped her pillow constantly for three nights. On the 4th morning - she couldn't stand it anymore and peeled the pillow case off the pillow. Dad's socks fell out. She went ballistic on him. Of course, he's laughing and completely denying it. Mom was not about to believe he didn't do it. HE was GUILTY! Dad told me the story and I started laughing. My halo was tarnished and hanging from my ear. I confessed and he drug me to Mom to confess again. It was great!

This makes me wonder -- what have you done to your Mom for a good laugh?

On a completely different train of thought -- CNN just ran the story about North Carolina's police wanting to access a database without warrant to see what drugs the citizens use. And then possibly target those individuals to make sure they are not dealing prescription drugs. If I heard this right - not to target those they already suspect of dealing -- everyone!

Am I wrong for feeling outraged? What about doctor/patient confidentiality? Warrant less search? Could some one tell me one good reason for this?

I'm thinking I should go stitch. DH has been gone all day and the boy is at school today. I have a quite home today. Hence, the two hour nap this afternoon! ;0)

Smiles - Denise


Jules said...

That was a great prank you pulled on your mom, but your poor dad!!! Too funny! I would love to share the best prank I ever pulled on my mom but it's a bit gross and inappropriate. Let's just say I learned about being a woman the hard way and leave it at that!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

You say you sleep when you could be stitching? Who does that>
Be ALWAYS in stitches.

Anonymous said...

HAAA!! I was too scared of my mom to ever try to pull a prank on her. My husband gets me all the time. He can be so serious without cracking a smile, and he has scared the crap out of me many times!

I would be outraged by someone searching randomly for those that *might* be drug dealers. I can see the reason if they have reason to believe someone is dealing, but not random checks. That is WRONG.

Daffycat said...

So, did you ever admit to your mom the truth about the socks?

Just found your blog as someone visited mine by a link through yours!

And you have an awesome giveaway ~ ooooo!

Pumpkin said...

LOL! Believe it or not, I understand inches better than I do cm ;o)

Gross :oP When I was little, I caught a mouse for a pet but it bit me. Mom was told to bring the mouse (alive) in to have it tested for rabies. She had it in a bucket between the two front seats but while backing out of the driveway, got freaked out and ran into a tree. Oups! In the end, turns out the mouse didn't have to be alive ;o)

That doesn't sound right...