Monday, August 23, 2010

Busy, busy, busy...

Once again - no stitching to report. :(

On Friday evening we had Garin here. Mommy was with Alivia and Daddy had to work. So, he spent the evening with us. Garin's toys are kept in my living room cabinets. When I looked up to see what he was doing - I saw this ~

We decided to go for ice cream after he ate dinner. My husband was concerned that the dairy may close before we would get there. Garin picked up on this and asked me to put his carrot sticks in the fridge and let's go, "The ice cream factory is going to close and I want ice cream." So, off we went. When placing his order he told them, "I want white ice cream in a pointy cone." Never thinking I went ahead and let him have the cone and didn't put it in a cup. Oops! Needless to say, he wore some. Later I found out Garin hasn't had a 'real' cone before. When we returned, it was bath time. He wanted to use DS's shower gel again. He likes smelling "Manly man!" After the bath, Garin wore one of DS's t-shirts and complained the whole time. He fell asleep waiting on Daddy to come pick him up.

On Saturday, I worked non-stop on the quilts. I didn't think I would finish them with enough time to get them up to Keri by evening. But I prevailed! By 8pm we were on our way to the hospital. The pics of the quilts are not the best - it was pouring rain -

Keri was thrilled with them. She wanted to get her paws on them while we washed our hands before entering the NICU. Nope - wouldn't allow that. So, finally I went to hand them to her and it was like feeding hungry sharks! If I had gotten my fingers in the way I would be missing some now!

And we got to hold Alivia! She is up to 2 lbs 12 oz! And she can regulate her body temperature. That means she had clothes on! When she weighs 1500gms (or about 3lbs 3 oz) she will be put into a big girl crib.

I wanted to get a picture showing my thumbnail beside her hand. She held her little hand beside mine until the picture and then she startled at the flash. You can kinda get the jest of it though.

Sunday - we did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING - all day long! I didn't get my shower until nearly 2 pm. The most I did - make dinner.

I hope this finds you happy and healthy. Please put a few stitches in for me. Who knows if I will get to my stitching this week.

Smiles - Denise


jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Rest assured Denise, I will stitch a few for you, every day. What a wonderful story and to think that she will go to a Big Girl Crib at 3 lbs. Damn, my piece I am working on with all the threads weighs 6lbs. yes I weighed it. What a tiny bundle of joy.
Be always in stitches.

Emily said...

What a precious baby girl .... she's beautiful!!

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

You are a quilt wizzard! I love those quilts. I know they will be loved for many years to come by those they were lovingly made for. Alivia is so tiny...and so sweet. Garin sounds like a real hoot!

Blessings always. :)

Pumpkin said...

I can't get over how SMALL she is! I would be afraid of breaking her ;o)

Congrats on finishing the quilts! No wonder Keri couldn't wait to have them :o)