Monday, July 26, 2010

What a day!

I'm tired and it's time to make dinner! Big Sigh!

This weekend started out (for the first few hours anyway) fine. And then BOOM!

DS wanted to go to New Phila to test his navigation skills and get some jeans and notebooks. I decided I would put getting groceries, buy DH a birthday present, and check on an herb garden in his trip. This was to happen Sunday. I pushed it to today and then thought about it and changed it to Saturday. DD and I would go to Akron and Cleveland today.

DD came to the house on Saturday and we talked and decided to go to Akron and Cleveland on Saturday. Pushing DS to Monday. Is all of this making sense? So, at 1:30 Saturday afternoon - off DD and I went to Blueberry Hill and Crafty Ewe. As if I need more stash! We get to Blueberry Hill and they are closed! Scheduling conflict. BOO!

DD had asked them to hold a few patterns for her and now she couldn't get them. And I wouldn't be back up on the 31st because they cancelled the Stitching Saturday that was planned. Another Boo!

So, we went to Crafty Ewe (I called before leaving Akron though) and they were open. DD found the same patterns and bought them. I got 2 pieces of Joblelan and 1 Lugana. May I ask what the difference is? I also got two skeins DMC 640. Turns out they are from different lots and are NOT the same color. It's okay though, I only needed one. And I got LHN's Frosty Flake?? The one with the snow man made from a snow flake and a Katydid's True to the Red, White and Blue. Too busy for photo. Sorry!

Stopped at Pat Catan's looking for pinwheels. None to be had. Although, I did get a plaque that says DREAM on it for the loft. Then I took DD home and picked up pizza for dinner. Home, ate, stitched a bit, and it was bedtime. 

Sunday came and we decided to go to Massilion and stop at Menard's. Never been to this home improvement store. OMG! This place has EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN! It made me sad though, all the projects we need to do and seeing the cost.   :(

BUT, I found some shelving that would work for all my books (1300 of them - no comments please). And it was on sale! Couldn't get them because DH carries everything including the kitchen sink in his trunk. He took DS and DS's truck back up later and got them.

Managed to get them into the loft but, had to give blood in the process. Why is it you must give blood to every project?? Big pain in the ...

This morning I got up at 7:30 (vacation again - this time two weeks - again no booing) and went to work on the shelving. DS was NOT happy with my time frame! He wanted to sleep in. Opps! After finishing those, eating breakfast, and showering. Off we went on his trip.

Kent State first, Verizon for DH's present, Lowe's, JcPenney's for jeans, Wal-Mart for notebooks and back pack, McD's for DS's lunch, Giant Eagle, and then Yaggi's. Yaggi's is a cheesehouse and I needed to pick up beef sticks for DH's lunch. SIGH!

The groceries are away and I moved the book cases into place. Now, I need to get up there and get the books on the shelves. That will be a JOB! Oh, and make dinner. bleck!

Well, nothing is getting accomplished sitting here writing. And if you managed to read all of this - bless you. Pictures will follow later in week of any stitching I manage to do and maybe even one of the loft.

Until later - Smiles - Denise


Deb said...

Okay, you've exhausted me! LOL I'm in the same process with the book things and shelving for my craft room closet. But it never stops there because there are so many other things that have to be done too. Like grocery shopping. I hate that.

I was interested in seeing your comment about the DMC thread. I've noticed that too and and few others in the DMC 600 gray threads. In fact, I've become a non-lover of DMC floss recently. I know that it's made different now for sale here in the states, but the new skeins I've bought are difficult to work with.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

you are a busy girl my friend, can't wait to see the pics of the book shelves.
Be always in stitches.

Pumpkin said...

Okay, I'm EXHAUSTED just reading this post! LOL! Sounds like a fun weekend and I'm jealous that you got stash ;o)

And yes, there is a difference between Lugana and Jobelan. It just has to do with what kind of fibers it's made out of.

Anonymous said...

We have the issue of the 1,000,000 books in our house as well. We have decided that for Christmas this year, each member of our family will receive a Nook (we already have one Kindle reader), and we will start amassing a digital library since the house can't hold many more paper editions!

Jan said...

Denise, I just happened on to your blog and you made me smile with your post! So I am now following you and I shall return! Your days sound so much like how mine used to, when the kids were all at home (4 of them) and things were hectic, but I loved every minute of them! Can't wait to see your pictures!!!