Thursday, July 22, 2010

Promoting Some Giveaways ...

Hello to all in bloggerville - Is anyone else ready for Fall???? It's just too %$#&#$* hot! It's about to make me believe all this global warming stuff! (I digress)

I don't generally do this, but Sherry over at BlogIt is having giveaway. She is keeping it secret! Hmmm....I'm not a secret person. I unwrap Christmas gifts and re-wrap them.

Also, in case you have missed this one - Susan at Afford Your Passions is doing a month long giveaway. She is posting daily about what is in her goody box.

Well, I have done my part in the marketing department today.

Smiles - Denise

PS - Don't forget Parsley's recipe exchange! Can't wait to see what foody good things she has in store for us!

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Parsley said...

Okie dokie...going to check it out. Thanks!