Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Progress Report ...

Here's what I have been doing all week ~

I think I made a nice amount of progress. I want to get the flag done and then the vast amount of fill on the bottom. I'm saving the fill in the center for times I'm watching tv. It is going to be sooooo mindless!

DH got off work early Friday - rain. And he stopped and got me these ~

Isn't he sweet? He thought he would get me a hanging basket before Mother's Day. We have since found that I suck watering plants! I watch the cut flowers and  water them diligently but, actual in dirt flowers - suffer from lack of water. I have two houseplants that suffer the same fate.

Don't you love the vase? It's a McCoy in gold. I inherited it from my grandmother who tomorrow would have celebrated her 90th birthday.

I changed from the normal dashboard to the 'new' dashboard that has stats. It seems to have changed my ability to post.  I'm going to have to play with this now.

Smiles - Denise


Pumpkin said...

Gee, you really put a good dent in that project! Looking good :o)

What a sweetie your DH is. He's a keeper!

Anonymous said...

fantastic progress- yowsa
the color combos are wonderful