Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pictures and Updates

I did get some stitching done. Not much - some. I had to pause on America. Stitching this background is beyond boring! It'll be a pretty piece when finished... if I ever get there. Sigh!

Here's America before ~

And now ~

Since I got bored - I picked up another of the 20 starts from June. And what I am finding --- is I am not an antiquey looking stitcher. I have been looking at all of your samplers and vintage looking pieces and thought "Oh, I like these. I should try a few." But, stitching them is another thing. Well at least I know this now. But what to do with 4-5 patterns I just bought. Do I do them and let them languish in the completed but not finished drawer or just sit the patterns back in the probably never gonna do them box. I could give them away but, DH knows I just bought them and would not be happy. Decisions, decisions!

Bright Summer before ~

And now ~

And now some pictures of the loft. I got new shelving for my books. I am warning you it is VERY utilitarian. Not the pretty hickory bookcases I had hoped for. But, the books are now off the floor. And DH did not have to build, sand, or finish them. I built them, put them in place and moved the books. DS helped this afternoon. He finished loading the shelves while I alphabetized and sorted.

Here's how it has looked for about 4 years ~

After the shelves were in place ~

The middle ~

Completed ~

And the few stragglers left over ~

Tomorrow DH turns 48. Poor thing has to work 12 hours and is having BLT's for dinner. On Sunday we are having cupcakes in the afternoon and then he wants steaks and baked potatoes for dinner. Hopefully, his things from Amazon show up before Sunday so he has something to unwrap.

Otherwise, you can find me stitching. But, I'm thinking about going back to Grace. I haven't had it in my hot little hands for 6 weeks. Way too long if I am going to finish it for DS birthday or Christmas!

Hope this finds you happy and cool - Smiles - Denise


jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

wow that's alot of books my friend. Looks kinda like my ufo piles. lol I am sure the shelves will make room for some dancing in the loft.
Be always in stitches.

Faye said...

Whoa...You are a bookaholic for sure.....Love how they just filled up those shelves.... And your stitchery is beautiful as well.... Look forward to watching your progress on others also!! Thanks for visiting my blog and your very kind words...Faye

Anonymous said...

Yay for bookshelves! I got my first nice set a few years ago to house the 467,837 books we own. It's so great to get them off the floor.
Yeah, that is a lot of background fill on that piece...if someone finds you unresponsive and drooling into a cup, we will all know why!

Enjoy your cupcakes and steak!

Vonna said... could open a loan library! :)
Looks great!
And your America is stunning!

Pumpkin said...

It's looking great Denise!!!! You're almost done :o)

At least you know. I would plug through them. You could sell them.

WOW! You have A LOT of books! At least they are off the floor now. Hey, mine are still in boxes :o(

Hope your DH has a nice day :o) As you know, my DH has his b-day on Friday!

Jeanne said...

You've made great progress on America. If you just do one or two thread lengths on this every day, you'll have it finished in no time!

Wow. That's a LOT of books. Congratulations on the new bookshelves. I have a few dozen books that are in a "to be read" pile, but tend to pass them on when I'm done with them. I only have a couple of series (like Evanovich, Harry Potter, and (the BEST) Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series) that are keepers for rereading. Oh - and needlework books, of course, but that's another story.