Monday, July 5, 2010

Opps...Now Moosie is complete

Well, I should have said the stitching was complete. I completely forgot the buttons! In cleaning up the mess from this weekend - I found the bag in which Moosie had been living and there sat the buttons! The buttons?!?! So, I pulled Moosie from his new home and added buttons. Now he is complete ~

While I was away I had hoped to make great progress on several projects. Didn't do as well as I had hoped. There were other things to do! Gasp!! This is all I managed to complete on Blackbird Designs ~

Here's the before picture ~

Well, I'm off to do more laundry and stitch!

Smiles -Denise


Pumpkin said...

So you lied ;o) LOL!

I'd say you got a fair amount done while you were away!

natalie said...

I LOVE this BBD piece! I've had my eye on it for ages. Your moosie is very cute, too. The star buttons are darling!